Monday, February 14, 2011


Finally the internet is working in our new home.  I was so overwhelmed earlier today about how much I have to do, picking up my especially anxious middle child, and doing all those motherly tasks.  Mister J gave me his first ever Valentine's gift and I burst into tears.

I have not created much in the last six weeks.  Creating my new blog banner has relaxed me enough to soldier on.  I will be sharing some new things with you all as we enter this new stage of our life.  I am pondering what Squiggly Rainbow's business adventures will be.  We had a wonderful month of January at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb.  New retailers for my creations have popped up - and I am yearning to create.

Here are a few happy snaps to share our new home with you - the boxes are slowly diminishing!

We are thinking of building a conservatory out of this window - extending the floor-line about two metres out and opening onto a deck.

I love this little nook.

This is my kitchen today.  The renovation should begin in about two weeks!  


  1. Those windows are amazing!! We just finished our decking (got the official council OK two weeks ago) and I love it. Opens up the house and more space for the kids. Definitely a great idea for your place, esp with that beautiful relaxing view.
    HA! great pink kitchen, why must you change it? haha... our cabinets are purple. We are still yet to update. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to in the new place! xo

  2. Oh my, i lllooooovvvvve the view you have out the windows in that first photo!!!
    Talia xx

  3. Rachael, your house looks lovely and the surroundings are amazing and peaceful, lucky you ;)...see you maybe sometime at the Vintage Shed xx

  4. You have a beautiful home, I especially love your little nook with the singer table.

    You new banner is looking great too
    Hope you get the chance to create more as the dust settles :)

  5. Your new house looks lovely! And the kids look happy sitting there in the sunlight of those beautiful big windows!

  6. What a beautiful new home you have. The trees outside look so peaceful and relaxing. I really like your new blog banner too, the photos and the colours look great together. xo

  7. I also love the windows, they are fantastic! Also loving the pink kitchen too. Wish my kitchen was pink

  8. Those windows and the view lor GORGEOUS! I'm still quite glad I only have our 30sqm to clean, though...oO

  9. You did wonders, it seems that you have been living here forever. What a beautiful and cosy house!

  10. It looks so cosy and homey already!
    I hope you and your gang have such a wonderful life living in your new abode. And I reckon that bit looks perfect for a deck.

  11. Loving all the windows and bright light! :)



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