Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so much to tell you

We now indefinitely (I hope) have the internet back on and working at tremendous speed!  My husband appears to be very happy with this.  I must say I am too as it was in perfect time to start back at University yesterday.

I have so much to share, so am going to meander through many of the thoughts in my head to update you on my happenings!

I love hydrangeas and our new garden is full of them. 
 I love finding the skeletons of leaves or flowers.
The children are still loving the new school.
University started yesterday online by distance education.
I have had a great few days of thrifting.

Might head out to Belgrave after blogging for some more thrifting.
Thinking about getting into the market scene.
Emerald has a monthly market and I found the application for a stall online.
Miss G is excited about helping t the market.
I think I would really enjoy a little extension of Squiggly Rainbow.
Heading down to Tyabb this week to re-stock the stall.
Sprayed the blackberries this morning.
Still no new kitchen.
Or bathroom.
Or Laundry.

We made bird feeders last night.
Lots of fine motor activity involved in this.
The boys struggled.
I still made them do it.
Peanut butter, pine cone and bird seed tied with cotton to a tree.

Love that we can so many more outdoor things with the move.
Love watching the birds from our kitchen table.
Made my first online order to Bendigo Woollen Mills.
Sewing together the green square quilt.
Master S check it over to see if it was okay.
It all came down to how it felt as he ran his hand along the squares.
Ah, the sensory experience.
Teachers so wonderful at The Blessed School.

This is my view as I type from me to you.
Going to wash some dishes now and warm up my hands.


  1. Lots of beautiful photos to tell us what's been happening. It sounds like you've made a great move with your family, lots of positive things going on. I love your view from the computer, not sure I would be able to concentrate on my studies;) Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. I am in awe by the quantity of things that you are able to do in one day, and now I learn that you are also a student!
    I am curious to see what you have ordered from Bendigo Mills, buying wool is one of the things I love doing (not that I need more wool).
    I love that window, a very inspiring spot for working.

  3. My nana had that singer table..such sweet memories to see it in your space. Love your thrifted finds..just gorgeous.
    Sounds like your move has been a really positive one and that it has kept you very busy.

  4. Looks lovely Rach, and I'm particularly glad that the school is going really well. I love your little work desk, view included!

  5. Rachel, I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award. Go check my blog.
    Love, Blandina

  6. What a lovely glimpse into your life. Those bird feeders look great! And what amazing thrifty finds -- the primary-coloured jars are beautiful. I'm totally intrigued by the lamp on your desk... do you have favourite quotes written on it?

  7. Hello Red! I will maybe write a post about my lamp - yes it is a delightful quote I found and the lamp was my grandparents headed for the op-shop (thrift store). Thankfully I rescued it! xo Thanks for visiting!

  8. All your posts since you've taken on the moving bring over such a peaceful vibe, it really feels like you guys have found a great home! Love your working space, especially the cute table!!
    yaga xxx



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