Thursday, March 31, 2011

fine-motor creativity

Fine-motor skills are something my boys (including Mister J) have battled with in their lives.  Before Master S could talk and other parents complained their kids talked too much - I wanted to give them an understanding to count their blessings that their child could talk.

This has been similar with Master J and drawing pictures.  He is 6 in just over two weeks and I would say his fine-motor skills are three years delayed.  I would watch other children drawing family portraits at age 3 and feel sad.

Last week I did my first parent helping morning in the classroom with  Master J.  I asked his teacher if this is how he normally behaves. (Pretty quiet, attentive, not wriggling too much and finishing a task.)  She answered that he was even a little unsettled that day.  A new little man I say.  My Master J is now cutting with his spring-loaded scissors along a straight line.  He completed a full pasting task with the pictures in the correct boxes.

It gets better... Yesterday he took out a felt tip marker and some paper and drew two pictures.  This morning I anticipated we could carry this through some more.  So I sat him down with two sheets of paper, pencils sharpened and markers.  "Mum, Mrs B says we not allowed to sharpen pencils pointy", he says.  He was engaging with me!  And then came his wonderful drawings.  This is a major breakthrough and I am so proud of him.  When I see some parents I know disregard their children's drawings because the paper-stack at home is piling high - be thankful.  What a blessing we have to create.

"A bird flying with glasses on and a pointy beak"  by Master J

My Creative space this week has been to explore my photographic skills.  I so love photography.  This mother's day I am secretly (no so secret now I realise) for a new super dooper camera!  

I did do some knitting last night - my poncho pattern didn't work out.  Now I am modifying, knitting up stitches on the outer edge to lengthen it.  I am loving the Bendigo Alpaca yarn.

I picked this up yesterday.  I think it was made in the 1950's, isn't it just gorgeous?

And check out this dress!  I love it.

Have a look over here for some wonderful creativity going on this week!

Love Rach xo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sorry & it's autumn

A quick apology for my rant yesterday.  I have not been feeling right for a week or so.  Today is a new day - and I am feeling much better - back to my usual self.  I have never mentioned that I had post-natal depression after each of the children.  It became worse with each child.  If post-natal depression does not resolve itself postpartum  it is then diagnosed as clinical depression.  It is something I find very difficult to talk about.  I feel like a failure.  Being a Christian - I was feeling like even more of a failure.  Christians shouldn't have mental illness should they?  Big misconception.  I was blessed to have wonderful doctor's and my children's doctor's who explained to me Depression IS a medical condition, just as diabetes is.  I hid my depression for many years feeling so guilty and that I was crazy.  I don't know many times how I coped - albeit for God's grace.

I have been following Lori's blog after stumbling across it a few weeks ago.  In the last couple of years - I have had so many people come across my path who have dealings with mental illness.  I am one of the many who has a long line of family history of mental disorders.  What hope was there in the gene pool?  My only hope is Him who looks after me each day.  And not keeping it a secret. So there you have it.  The last week, I was not functioning well.  It is always great to wake up and know the cloud has gone.  Until we meet again.  Today I am feeling better.  The kids and I are going to go on a lovely Autumn walk when we pick Miss G up from school today.

So I supposed it was time I let you know.  Share another part of me.  I don't need to be ashamed.  We are living in a new community and it takes time to get to know people.  It is nice and quiet.

We are going to read Autumn books today (the boys are home from school) and maybe make some Autumn crafts.  I was reading through an amazing book - so many weaving examples!  I can't wait. I found the camera cable!

Love Rach xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Mister J has blessed me so on his week off.  I am so tired.  Wondering if I am doing the right thing studying.  I am trying to not do much when the kids are home.  The house is a sty.  Boxes still strewn everywhere.  Sale of our old house not even through - so waiting on that to finish this house.  Bugger.  I do love the thrill of getting the assignments done (yep - a dork).  But really - I think a life of crafting would be so much more enjoyable.  But maybe I am just overwhelmed. I forgot to take my medicine for four days.  Not good.  I am going to keep going.  It is nice to have a night off and read some crafting books.  This one - albeit for the novice crafter - inspired me to take Squiggly places.  I wonder if I could do it?  It may be easier to study and be an art teacher.  Or could I be a full time Squiggly designer and crafter?  Ramble, ramble, ramble.

I posted a Facebook update yesterday of one of my many thoughts that swirls around my head.  I don't know if any of you talk to yourself?  But since I watched ''The Kings Speech' at the movies on our last date (January 3rd)  whenever the slightest angst happens I find myself talking in my head.  It goes something like this.... 'bugger, bugger, shit, shit, fuck, fuck' and so on.  I loved that movie - a classic.  Very real.  I wondered when people were laughing if they actually had compassion or if they were just laughing. It was very deep for me, especially having dealt with Master S and his speech difficulties.  I gave up swearing when I was about 18 - but really - why does it help us relieve stress?  Mmmm... interesting.  I do feel quite guilty even swearing in my head.  Not quite sure why.

My books arrived at the library today.  I have been collecting the falling leaves to make a nature table for autumn.  I took a lovely pic for you - but cannot find my camera cable.  So check out these I found.

Photo courtesy of Owlet

Picture courtesy of My Tiny Plot

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Oh so grateful for the birds that sing outside and make me feel peaceful.  Grateful for my dowdy sense of style.  Grateful for my Lord.  Grateful for kind family.  Grateful for Mister J.  Grateful for medicine.  I am grateful that a Squiggly lampshade sold and the encouragement that brings.

I am grateful that people follow this blog.  I am grateful for each of you that leave a comment.  I am grateful it blesses my day.  I am so grateful for your encouragement.

Thankyou & Love to You
& check more gratefullness today 

Love Rach xo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Consider this - I love it x

I love music with meaning - this is amazing.

The kitchen is pumping!  I can't believe how quickly my lovely husband is getting it done.. I even have a pantry now!  Goodbye trestle table!  My creative space this last week has been in home-making!  That is very creative - but if you are after the fabric, knitted kind - have a look over here.

I am so thankful!

Love Rach xo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember this?

Just looking back, do you remember this?  Wow, it seems like forever ago!

Also wanted to share this site with you all.... I am hoping to buy some frocks for my up-coming placement.  What do you think of these?  Oh, the first one is for a wedding we have coming up.

This would need a cardi over the top.

They would all need to be paired with a cardi, leggings and boots, my teaching rounds are in June - so cold here in Melbourne!

Love Rach xo

operation kitchen & 4 assignments

Mister J has started the kitchen.  Mr IKEA delivered all the bits yesterday.  We had a huge fire yesterday afternoon, burning the old cabinets and heaps of our dried out garden prunings.  I have four assignments to write in the next 20 days.  Some may say twenty days is lots of time, however - I'm never sure what life may throw me.  So as Mister J is home for 7 days; he has metamorphosed into Mister Mum.  I may not be blogging much - but will most likely pop in to say hello!  I hope you are great - I love reading all your comments.  You have no idea what an encouragement they are to me.  Thank YOU. Now I am off to finish my first of the four!

Please excuse the mess!

Master J loved helping sort through the numbered boxes - aaahhhh numbers says his mind I'm sure!

Love Rach xo

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don't really have much to say today.  Wondering what I am grateful for.  There are many, many things.  I think I am learning to be grateful to be me.  Simple, plain and quiet.  Happy with the simple life.  Not wanting more and more.  Feeling content.  I'm grateful for that.

Love Rach xo
ps.. don't forget to share the gratefulness

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ecclectic, quirky & ditsy shades @ my creative space

I so loved creating these.  The first one was inspired by Tiff of Dotti Angel - albeit with my own influence of quirkiness!  The other two just came to me.  I love creating this way.  As I was creating, I said to Mister J with Master S hovering by; "are these a bit too quirky?".  My darling son replied to me "Mum, that's what Squiggly Rainbow is about - just be yourself".  Wow.  I am blessed.

The Bows & Hearts Shade

The Birds of a Feather Shade

The Grandma's Ric-Rac Shade

Oh - I almost forgot to show you the new willow design too!  This is a wall hanging, woven without glue or wire and tied to piece of antique timber.  Check out all of todays creative links at Kootoyoo.

Love Rach xo

ps - these will be at The Vintage Shed

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bird-feeders & my thoughts today

This is what we made on the weekend.  I would like to claim all glory for it's design.  But it was Miss G.  She has amazed me with her creativity lately.  I am actually delighted that she is blossoming in this area with a little confidence.  Her suggestions to my lamp shades this evening were sweet.  Tomorrow I will show you.  Bows were Miss G's suggestion.

My boys have been amazing since living here.  I have always thought they are amazing - but they are so settled.  Very peaceful and content.  They have even been encouraging each other and Miss G, Mister J and myself.  The Black Monster (aka television) only appears once or twice a week.  I think that has a lot to do with it.

I skipped a day of study today.  I think embracing creating and gardening has refreshed me somewhat!  Creating gives me space to think.  Are you like that?

So I was thinking about blogging and how I enjoy it.  The psychology behind blogging would really intrigue me.  Then I got to thinking and wondering if someone out there is studying the art of blogging and the psychological effect it has on one who blogs.  Interesting stuff hey?  My mind just pitter patter's away all day thinking and wondering about these little notions.

Then I was thinking about telling a story to you.  A story entitled "Can You Guess Who It Is?".  Obviously I am not that good at keeping the secret.... it is me.  I got to thinking about my life.  Wow - there are some really interesting tales to tell.  Many childhood sadness's to teenage blossoming and salvation and my adulthood as a wife and mother.  Would anyone be interested?  Then I ask myself why I would even bother.  But then I think, mmmm..... maybe someone out there would benefit.  Someone may be encouraged.  Sometimes we are so silent.  We all appear to be doing the same thing - but behind closed doors.  Things are different.  Maybe I need to voice what happened when I was a child.  Yes, I think that may be it.  I want to share why I am feeling so very blessed in my life now.  Would anyone be interested in reading my journey?

Love Rach xo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

self talk

I heard a man speak about 12 years ago on the power of your own self-talk.  As I sit here I am telling my self how I can't do this.  I can't study.  I don't want to look at a computer screen all day.  Why am I doing this?  Oh my goodness, the sun is out.  I could be pruning.  I could be knitting, sewing, decoupaging, weaving.  Why am I studying a degree now?  My brain needs to have a light-bulb moment and turn on.  This picture I took at a restaurant just inspires me to create.

I would have been kicked out of University if I did not pick up my studies this semester. So I had to get back to my studies.  I can get through this semester.  Next semester - maybe I will do just two subjects.  Not four.  Stay focussed Rachael.  How can I stay focussed?  I feel like I can't do it.  My mind is wandering all the time.  Those plants really should be pruned.  Then the garden will grow wonderfully in Springtime.  My first azalea is blooming - the garden really is calling me!

Can you help?  I need your advice.  I cannot pull out.  I know it is something I have to do.  It is part of the plan.  My mind just won't focus.  Ahhhh... vent, whinge, complain.  Maybe this post will help!  Sorry for complaining.

Bye for now.  xo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Squiggly Sunday

Do you have a favourite window in your house?  I do and you have seen so many photo's of our adventures around the joy this window gives us!  

Mister J and the kidlets returning from an evening walk while I was cooking dinner.

Show your favorite window - I'd love to see!  Pop it in the link below.

Love Rach xo

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grateful today

With the wake of so many natural disasters, Christchurch and now Japan.  My two older babes being on school camp and the quiet calm in my home.  I bathed in the peace I was blessed with.  I am so thankful for so many things.  I have stumbled this week across two amazing blogs.  Two heartfelt blogs that share these people's lives and their joys and some very big challenges. To get a taste - if you have a look - you may need to do a bit of reading, don't just scratch the surface.  Reading these blogs has blessed me in reminding me of my gratefulness of my life and what I have been given.   I am thankful each day that my family is well; well in more ways than the physical.  We are well in our hearts.  Well in our spirit.  Well in our minds (for the most part anyway).

I am grateful to see this love.  Mister J teaching Master J how to play poker (those that know us personally I am sure are smiling now).

This love.

Natural light, brothers forever.

Bird watching this morning from our living room window.
Oh, so many things.  My family is alive.  We are well.  We have love.  We are safe.
We are going to make birdhouses this afternoon!

Enjoy Maxabella's grateful Saturdays!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space

Creating is indeed my therapy and answer to refreshing my soul.  University studies are what I need to be doing at the moment, however I have managed to do a little creating since we have lived here.

I am designing my first ever knitting pattern, Miss G was desperate for a poncho.  I am not sure how it is going to far - but have done one panel.  Once I sew it together I will discover if it worked!

I have some new willow designs which I have mostly finished and will show you soon.  This huge heart was so relaxing to make.

I have been very inspired by some of Tiff's work.  I decided to try my hand at making my own style of lampshade - a little inspired by dotti angel and lots of my quirks.  It's not finished yet as time is of essence.  I did however find another old light shade at the op shop yesterday to transform.

Kirsty at Kootoyoo has a host of other bloggers sharing their creative journey's.  Although I don't have time to look through them - you might!

Love to you xo

OH - just realised you may not know what I am studying....  I am studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Did you know I was awarded this stylish blogger award from Blandina of La Griccia.  With this I am encouraged to share with you 7 things you may not know about me.

Okay, I hope I can think of seven things.

At the moment I am eating like a pig stressed mother of three who decided to move house and begin university study within 3 weeks of each other.  Although I am not feeling that stressed, I can tell I must be by the rolls!

I am actually very shy and have been told my voice sounds like that of a little girl.

I light candles each night around our home and we always have one lit in the middle of our dinner table at dinner time.

I love handmade, thrifted and natural materials and treasures.  I am so excited to visit this natural craft and toy store in Kallista.

My favourite blogs are blogs that are real and with real photographs.  Blogs that are honest and authentic.

We got our new kitchen island bench last week a la IKEA!  I have done away with the ironing board and even kissed my new bench!

I bought these two huge vintage jars at the Monbulk Market last Saturday.  They will work wonderfully in my new kitchen.

And lastly - I have made some new friends here in the hills.  I am feeling very blessed and excited for our coming adventures.

So in keeping with the stylish blogger theme - I would like to award this to another few wonderful ladies and their blogs that truly inspire me!  Check them out if you have time....

Erin is a photographer and mum and lives a very organic lifestyle
Yaga is just so nice
Sarah is such an inspirational mumma and is always sharing her motherhood tales

I was asked to share 7 blogs, but I don't read that many in my busy schedule.  Hope you enjoy what I have shared.... 

To those other meaningful things I wanted to share with you...  Well, like I wrote earlier - I have made some new friends and feel very blessed in our new home.  My children continue to adjust wonderfully and are loving getting back to some old routines.  Master J has declared his love for a fellow prep classmate and tells us he will be her wife.  Daisy was eaten by a fox.  Master S has made the most delightful friend and we feel so blessed for this strong friendship that is reciprocal.  

And I wanted to share with you this old post.  I read it tonight and remembered how liberating it was to share this.  Times are still challenging though and I think the most difficult thing for me is to remember those things I wrote in this blog - some days I do - others I don't.
Love to you xo


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