Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bird-feeders & my thoughts today

This is what we made on the weekend.  I would like to claim all glory for it's design.  But it was Miss G.  She has amazed me with her creativity lately.  I am actually delighted that she is blossoming in this area with a little confidence.  Her suggestions to my lamp shades this evening were sweet.  Tomorrow I will show you.  Bows were Miss G's suggestion.

My boys have been amazing since living here.  I have always thought they are amazing - but they are so settled.  Very peaceful and content.  They have even been encouraging each other and Miss G, Mister J and myself.  The Black Monster (aka television) only appears once or twice a week.  I think that has a lot to do with it.

I skipped a day of study today.  I think embracing creating and gardening has refreshed me somewhat!  Creating gives me space to think.  Are you like that?

So I was thinking about blogging and how I enjoy it.  The psychology behind blogging would really intrigue me.  Then I got to thinking and wondering if someone out there is studying the art of blogging and the psychological effect it has on one who blogs.  Interesting stuff hey?  My mind just pitter patter's away all day thinking and wondering about these little notions.

Then I was thinking about telling a story to you.  A story entitled "Can You Guess Who It Is?".  Obviously I am not that good at keeping the secret.... it is me.  I got to thinking about my life.  Wow - there are some really interesting tales to tell.  Many childhood sadness's to teenage blossoming and salvation and my adulthood as a wife and mother.  Would anyone be interested?  Then I ask myself why I would even bother.  But then I think, mmmm..... maybe someone out there would benefit.  Someone may be encouraged.  Sometimes we are so silent.  We all appear to be doing the same thing - but behind closed doors.  Things are different.  Maybe I need to voice what happened when I was a child.  Yes, I think that may be it.  I want to share why I am feeling so very blessed in my life now.  Would anyone be interested in reading my journey?

Love Rach xo


  1. ~beautiful bird feeder
    ~I wish our black monster would fall off the wall
    ~obviously when we are out,save injury!!

  2. Yes, I would, and please do!

  3. I would be very interested :). It is a challenging thing to do though..delving into our pasts and pieces and linking threads together...then presenting something for others to contemplate. We are often afraid to do this but it is a necessary thing to kind of come to fruition as a person. Always remember to protect your deepest self :).

  4. yes.....tell you story...please do...I think LOTS of people would be interested/find it helpful, enlightening etc. The listtle nest of a bird feeder is too cute, TK xx

  5. I enjoy reading your blog so much and it would be so interesting to get to know you more. So, if you feel like it, please do write!
    and this is the prettiest birdfeeder I have ever seen!

  6. Good for you - taking a day out to be creative. I love those days, not that they happen often for me lately, where I can just potter about and allow all those thoughts to come to the surface, random wonderings and occasional bursts of inspiration.

    I think if you write from the heart, write what you feel, you can't go wrong. Your blog is so heartfelt and honest already - I think you'll know what to write. But don't think about your audience too much - do it for you.

  7. I love that bird feeder!

    I think there's always someone interested to read whatever we have to say, it's more a matter of whether we are prepared to share it. And that can sometimes be a tough choice

  8. I love that bird feeder! Your story sounds very interesting... look forward to reading more.

    Thanks for REwinding at the Fibro!



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