Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Mister J has blessed me so on his week off.  I am so tired.  Wondering if I am doing the right thing studying.  I am trying to not do much when the kids are home.  The house is a sty.  Boxes still strewn everywhere.  Sale of our old house not even through - so waiting on that to finish this house.  Bugger.  I do love the thrill of getting the assignments done (yep - a dork).  But really - I think a life of crafting would be so much more enjoyable.  But maybe I am just overwhelmed. I forgot to take my medicine for four days.  Not good.  I am going to keep going.  It is nice to have a night off and read some crafting books.  This one - albeit for the novice crafter - inspired me to take Squiggly places.  I wonder if I could do it?  It may be easier to study and be an art teacher.  Or could I be a full time Squiggly designer and crafter?  Ramble, ramble, ramble.

I posted a Facebook update yesterday of one of my many thoughts that swirls around my head.  I don't know if any of you talk to yourself?  But since I watched ''The Kings Speech' at the movies on our last date (January 3rd)  whenever the slightest angst happens I find myself talking in my head.  It goes something like this.... 'bugger, bugger, shit, shit, fuck, fuck' and so on.  I loved that movie - a classic.  Very real.  I wondered when people were laughing if they actually had compassion or if they were just laughing. It was very deep for me, especially having dealt with Master S and his speech difficulties.  I gave up swearing when I was about 18 - but really - why does it help us relieve stress?  Mmmm... interesting.  I do feel quite guilty even swearing in my head.  Not quite sure why.

My books arrived at the library today.  I have been collecting the falling leaves to make a nature table for autumn.  I took a lovely pic for you - but cannot find my camera cable.  So check out these I found.

Photo courtesy of Owlet

Picture courtesy of My Tiny Plot


  1. love, authenticity & truth...what more could you ask for my dear, these are truly special things, love & thoughts, TK xx

  2. You do have those things, and so much more! Who needs a mansion when you have all those trees?

    My head is constantly full of chatter, and when it's too much, or not helpful, I try to find a way to find some silence. Exercise, singing, sewing, cooking (but without hungry mouths waiting!), gardening, do it for me. Could you find some time to craft in between all the study? From here it sounds as though you're missing your creativity fix :)

  3. Thanks Sarah - I love our trees and realised today it must have sounded like I wish I had a mansion - which I don't.

    You know those times we contemplate? Definitely missing creating! Just spent the last hour knitting - so that was nice.

    R xo



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