Thursday, March 31, 2011

fine-motor creativity

Fine-motor skills are something my boys (including Mister J) have battled with in their lives.  Before Master S could talk and other parents complained their kids talked too much - I wanted to give them an understanding to count their blessings that their child could talk.

This has been similar with Master J and drawing pictures.  He is 6 in just over two weeks and I would say his fine-motor skills are three years delayed.  I would watch other children drawing family portraits at age 3 and feel sad.

Last week I did my first parent helping morning in the classroom with  Master J.  I asked his teacher if this is how he normally behaves. (Pretty quiet, attentive, not wriggling too much and finishing a task.)  She answered that he was even a little unsettled that day.  A new little man I say.  My Master J is now cutting with his spring-loaded scissors along a straight line.  He completed a full pasting task with the pictures in the correct boxes.

It gets better... Yesterday he took out a felt tip marker and some paper and drew two pictures.  This morning I anticipated we could carry this through some more.  So I sat him down with two sheets of paper, pencils sharpened and markers.  "Mum, Mrs B says we not allowed to sharpen pencils pointy", he says.  He was engaging with me!  And then came his wonderful drawings.  This is a major breakthrough and I am so proud of him.  When I see some parents I know disregard their children's drawings because the paper-stack at home is piling high - be thankful.  What a blessing we have to create.

"A bird flying with glasses on and a pointy beak"  by Master J

My Creative space this week has been to explore my photographic skills.  I so love photography.  This mother's day I am secretly (no so secret now I realise) for a new super dooper camera!  

I did do some knitting last night - my poncho pattern didn't work out.  Now I am modifying, knitting up stitches on the outer edge to lengthen it.  I am loving the Bendigo Alpaca yarn.

I picked this up yesterday.  I think it was made in the 1950's, isn't it just gorgeous?

And check out this dress!  I love it.

Have a look over here for some wonderful creativity going on this week!

Love Rach xo


  1. What a beautiful picture! And perfect pencil grip! (That's the kinder teacher in me talking, lol) In the last 6 mths my Angus has discovered the joy of drawing, too - at last! I derive a great deal of pleasure from watching children draw and discussing the 'story' behind their artwork - one of my favourite assignments at uni involved understanding the stages of children's drawing and how it reflects the way they see the world. I found it upsetting that Angus didn't enjoy it at all when his peers were drawing detailed pictures and were so involved in the process. All of a sudden he began drawing about half way through last year (at nearly 7 yrs old) and now he draws most days. Last night he was drawing a cartoon strip and was enjoying himself so much - I love it! Celebrate the milestones I say!! xx

  2. I am glad you can relate! I think the proposed kinder teacher in me as well as being a Mumma was mourning the lack of! It is delightful to see the concentration too. xo

  3. Lovely dress and lovely platter - I was in the middle of writing to you via here to advise you of your Award when my laptop had a hissy fit and a slight melt down!! Now on to Master J - if I had that picture I think I would frame it and put it up on a wall in your home - what a fantastic achievement, you must be so thrilled! My M struggles with dyslexia and we have huge problems at school with reading & writing along with focussing. I was so pleased earlier this week when I picked up my M from school and he excitedly informed me that he had got a "super star" for starting AND finishing a story in his Writing Journal. This is a HUGE achievement in our household. I truly get what you mean about being thankful for the little things that other parents can just take foregranted. Loads of love today & always, TK xx - ps - why the name 'Squiggly Rainbow' - cos' I love it!!

  4. Also 2ish at your cafe up the road suits me fine, grab a table by the window if you can!!! TK xx

  5. Your little boy is doing a fantastic job with his drawing, so much concentrating going on this photo. It is so important to appreciate every milestone because children always develop at different times. I found myself comparing what my daughter was reading to others and their abilities, but came to realise she will do things in her own time. At times it is hard but stepping back and looking at it differently sometimes helps.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog about my bag. I bought the fabric here,+Colour/Floral+Fabric-951.aspx?prodpage=2&showprodperpage=90

    It's called Flower Sugar. I hope that helps. xo

  6. A bird flying with glasses? What an amazing, wonderful thought...and it never crossed my mind that birds could need glasses, too! Bravo Mr. J.

  7. Love the picture he drew! As well as the blue dress.

  8. Lovely photos of your little sweetheart creating. And I love his drawing and the description he gave it. Hooray for his development. He's setting his own pace and that's a good thing.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you stopped by because I'd missed your blog! (Somehow I hadn't bookmarked it anywhere).

    Happy Autumn to you! It's becoming Spring here and I couldn't be happier to see things starting to grow again.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wow!!! What an amazing moment. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You write so beautifully Rach that it makes me feel proud too. What a moment. Congratulations Master J and To his gorgeous Mama too.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. X

  10. Isn't it sad that most parents trash their children's art? Your son's work is beautiful, and your son is even more so. My little guy has Aspergers as well and I have always saved all of his art work. I can't justify trashing ANY of his accomplishments. Probably one of the blessings of having a child that isn't neurotypical... I can really stop and enjoy him!
    I'm a new follower of your blog, come say hi @

  11. Rach, Master J is just the picture of concentration here, and I agree with TK - you really need to frame that bird with glasses!

    I wanna see your knitting! I need some inspiration after buying some really expensive yarn to knit a cardi for Doots and then after losing my way completely I gave up and unraveled it. I think I need a confidence boosting pattern - not a challenging one.

    Loving your op shop finds too - the dress is amazing.



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