Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grateful today

With the wake of so many natural disasters, Christchurch and now Japan.  My two older babes being on school camp and the quiet calm in my home.  I bathed in the peace I was blessed with.  I am so thankful for so many things.  I have stumbled this week across two amazing blogs.  Two heartfelt blogs that share these people's lives and their joys and some very big challenges. To get a taste - if you have a look - you may need to do a bit of reading, don't just scratch the surface.  Reading these blogs has blessed me in reminding me of my gratefulness of my life and what I have been given.   I am thankful each day that my family is well; well in more ways than the physical.  We are well in our hearts.  Well in our spirit.  Well in our minds (for the most part anyway).

I am grateful to see this love.  Mister J teaching Master J how to play poker (those that know us personally I am sure are smiling now).

This love.

Natural light, brothers forever.

Bird watching this morning from our living room window.
Oh, so many things.  My family is alive.  We are well.  We have love.  We are safe.
We are going to make birdhouses this afternoon!

Enjoy Maxabella's grateful Saturdays!


  1. Rach, i simply ADORE yr blogs. Pictures and words are just beautiful, takes me to another place, thank you so much. xo Love Melissa

  2. i love this post, the second picture gave me goosebumps, you have captured the peace and gratitude you are obviously feeling so well in both your images and words...

    i think looking towards the disasters out there around the world really makes it necessary for the rest of us to remember how important the little and simple things are

    Gill xo

  3. What beautiful photos. It is lovely to capture those father/son moments. Sometimes you have to be quick!

    And, beautiful true words:)Enjoy your quiet moments.

  4. Exactly right. 'We have love. We are safe.' And aren't we so blessed to be. I woke up this morning wondering if yesterday had been a bad dream. And then my youngest jumped into bed for a snuggle. It reminded me that I should savour him and every moment. All are precious and finite. Lovely to find your gorgeous blog.

  5. what a gorgeous father son moment to capture, such a treasured pic that one will be. I too am grateful for all the things you have listed, so lucky to no tbe caught up in such terrible disasters.

  6. Quiet joy and peace. It's all we really ever want. I know RRSAH blog and not a day goes by when I don't think of her. x

  7. Phew, I just had a bit of a read through both those blogs and I feel pretty emotional indeed. You are right though, we are so ridiculously lucky for our health and our peace and love. Your photos are pretty gorgeous Rach. I hope you guys have the most wonderful Sunday. X

  8. I found your link on Blandina's blog lagriccia. And you are so right. We have all we need and sometimes don't even know it. I love your favorite window idea too. I'll work on mine tomorrow.
    Nice to meet you.

  9. So much love in this post and really lovely pictures that are so poignant and true.
    My grateful reasons are over at
    I think you are very wise



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