Tuesday, March 22, 2011

operation kitchen & 4 assignments

Mister J has started the kitchen.  Mr IKEA delivered all the bits yesterday.  We had a huge fire yesterday afternoon, burning the old cabinets and heaps of our dried out garden prunings.  I have four assignments to write in the next 20 days.  Some may say twenty days is lots of time, however - I'm never sure what life may throw me.  So as Mister J is home for 7 days; he has metamorphosed into Mister Mum.  I may not be blogging much - but will most likely pop in to say hello!  I hope you are great - I love reading all your comments.  You have no idea what an encouragement they are to me.  Thank YOU. Now I am off to finish my first of the four!

Please excuse the mess!

Master J loved helping sort through the numbered boxes - aaahhhh numbers says his mind I'm sure!

Love Rach xo


  1. 4 in 20 days eek!! I remember those days well, good luck I'm sure you'll get them completed :)

    Your new kitchen is going to look fab!!

  2. looks like total fun to me.....we are planning a major kitchen rebuild - ours is rather 'retro' but in a bad way!!!! Hope the studying and assignments run smoothly over the next few weeks especially, have a lovely day and enjoy Mr Mum being around this week, make the most of it! TK xx

  3. Good luck with your assignments, a huge task with a kitchen reno going on!



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