Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Did you know I was awarded this stylish blogger award from Blandina of La Griccia.  With this I am encouraged to share with you 7 things you may not know about me.

Okay, I hope I can think of seven things.

At the moment I am eating like a pig stressed mother of three who decided to move house and begin university study within 3 weeks of each other.  Although I am not feeling that stressed, I can tell I must be by the rolls!

I am actually very shy and have been told my voice sounds like that of a little girl.

I light candles each night around our home and we always have one lit in the middle of our dinner table at dinner time.

I love handmade, thrifted and natural materials and treasures.  I am so excited to visit this natural craft and toy store in Kallista.

My favourite blogs are blogs that are real and with real photographs.  Blogs that are honest and authentic.

We got our new kitchen island bench last week a la IKEA!  I have done away with the ironing board and even kissed my new bench!

I bought these two huge vintage jars at the Monbulk Market last Saturday.  They will work wonderfully in my new kitchen.

And lastly - I have made some new friends here in the hills.  I am feeling very blessed and excited for our coming adventures.

So in keeping with the stylish blogger theme - I would like to award this to another few wonderful ladies and their blogs that truly inspire me!  Check them out if you have time....

Erin is a photographer and mum and lives a very organic lifestyle
Yaga is just so nice
Sarah is such an inspirational mumma and is always sharing her motherhood tales

I was asked to share 7 blogs, but I don't read that many in my busy schedule.  Hope you enjoy what I have shared.... 

To those other meaningful things I wanted to share with you...  Well, like I wrote earlier - I have made some new friends and feel very blessed in our new home.  My children continue to adjust wonderfully and are loving getting back to some old routines.  Master J has declared his love for a fellow prep classmate and tells us he will be her wife.  Daisy was eaten by a fox.  Master S has made the most delightful friend and we feel so blessed for this strong friendship that is reciprocal.  

And I wanted to share with you this old post.  I read it tonight and remembered how liberating it was to share this.  Times are still challenging though and I think the most difficult thing for me is to remember those things I wrote in this blog - some days I do - others I don't.
Love to you xo


  1. Ahh I can imagine how stressed you must be with uni AND having a family.
    Those huge jars are awesome. I got three huge jars about 5 yrs ago from the packing house and I bet you can imagine they weren't cheap!!
    I love the island bench! I want one but our current place won't allow... sigh... one day.
    Glad you've made some new friends and hope the rest of the week goes well! :)

  2. Congrats on your award!!

    I too love handmade and thrifted and found a very similar jar to your two a few months ago.

    Your kitchen bench is gorgeous :)

  3. The island bench looks great!! And I love those big glass jars, I can never find any big enough, they would be perfect! Glad that you have all settled in well, it can be a hard transition moving somewhere new.

  4. Loving that new bench and those jars! I dream of one day having a large enough kitchen so I too can have an island like that.

    Thank you for the award. I shall have to have a think about my seven things and post a response soon!


  5. Dear Rachel,
    as I get up this morning in LA, I am reading you post with a cup of coffee. I am learning a little bit more of you and your family. Your old post made me cry, I already knew that you are an incredible talented woman and courageous Mom, and every post of yours confirms to me the chance I had in blog-meeting you.
    You are doing great, I admire you.

  6. Blandina - thank you - your words encourage me so. xoxox



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