Tuesday, March 15, 2011

self talk

I heard a man speak about 12 years ago on the power of your own self-talk.  As I sit here I am telling my self how I can't do this.  I can't study.  I don't want to look at a computer screen all day.  Why am I doing this?  Oh my goodness, the sun is out.  I could be pruning.  I could be knitting, sewing, decoupaging, weaving.  Why am I studying a degree now?  My brain needs to have a light-bulb moment and turn on.  This picture I took at a restaurant just inspires me to create.

I would have been kicked out of University if I did not pick up my studies this semester. So I had to get back to my studies.  I can get through this semester.  Next semester - maybe I will do just two subjects.  Not four.  Stay focussed Rachael.  How can I stay focussed?  I feel like I can't do it.  My mind is wandering all the time.  Those plants really should be pruned.  Then the garden will grow wonderfully in Springtime.  My first azalea is blooming - the garden really is calling me!

Can you help?  I need your advice.  I cannot pull out.  I know it is something I have to do.  It is part of the plan.  My mind just won't focus.  Ahhhh... vent, whinge, complain.  Maybe this post will help!  Sorry for complaining.

Bye for now.  xo


  1. I am reading your blog on teaching rounds, I am feeling like a failure and all I want to to do is go home, cry, have a glass of wine and go camping with my family in two sleeps, if not being the only unfocused person trying to learn helps, then thats what I can offer.

    Love your eye-drifting-guts,

    Miss B

  2. Thanks honey xoxoxox You have made me smile! Would like to join you for that wine - and camping! Love you xo

  3. I'm in here, too! I'm doing it in small bits and chunks and lots of sitting in the window to enjoy the morning sun, that makes me feel like I'm not missing out on everything. And I find it helps to plan some time for creating as a break or treat after finishing a chapter or whatever... and yes, focus on the goal, dream about how it will be when you've finished, why you started it, how useful it will be... that (sometimes) gets me back on track when it is bad.

    As a nice distraction: you asked about the houseshoes and I replied in another comment which was so silly because of course you didn't see it. sorry for the confusion! here it is again:

    When you said you like red so much I suspected that you would like those... ;o)
    The shop's page is here: http://www.tigerswiss.ch/
    The slippers I knit from memory, but it's really quite easy: you start with a rectangle that is wide enough to go from your ankle down around the heel and up to the other side of the ankle again. As soon as it is long enough to make the opening for the foot you join and knit in the round and finish like a normal sock. all that's left to do then is close the seam at the back of the heel and pick up around the opening to knit a little hem.
    (dunno if that's too confused now, if so, do email me and I can explain it again!)

  4. when you get your degree, you will be seeing new children every year who will love to create as much as you do. they will have a great teacher who will keep that creative spirit alive, as well as teach them many new things.
    break it up, one hour study, ten minutes outside with coffee, one hour study, ten minutes picking flowers, one hour study, ten minutes drawing new designs...
    etelka xx

  5. Although I am not studying I understand. No matter what I should be doing I want to do something else. When I'm working on the house (sanding, painting, filling nail holes.......an endless list of things) I want to be sewing. When I'm sewing and getting orders done or getting ready for a market I want to be gardening or painting......... I find it hard to just focus on the one thing, although we as Mother's can't do that anyway.
    Stick at it. Maybe you could set aside a few hours of pure "creating" time, just for you.

  6. You are all making me smile! I have decided I will do just one subject a day - that might make it easier! xox Thank you x

  7. Do the hardest thing first, the one that you are putting off! It makes you feel much better. At least that's what I try and tell myself, LOL.
    Thanks for visiting this morning and leaving such a sweet comment :-)

  8. Set the oven timer for 15 minutes and go and do some quick pruning, but when it goes off, back to your studies.

  9. Sounds like you've been getting some great advice. My two cents would be to set goals that mean you can do both. That's what I tend to do. Like, once I get up to this part then I can go and knit for half and hour and not feel guilty about it. Then once I've completed this part I will do some pruning. We all need study breaks. You will actually achieve more with the breaks than without them. Try not to be too hard on yourself and lower your expectations on the things that are making you feel bad. We are our own worst enemies at times!


  10. I have been going to a lot of "how to study" workshops at uni lately.

    Some ideas:

    Do you have a work space? A desk or somewhere you can work uninterrupted? Maybe even if it is at the library?

    Do you have a diary or a calendar with all due dates, family commitments etc written down?

    Do you set aside huge chunks of time or work when you get a chance? In the workshops they say that if you say, "Oh I will do it on Monday when no one is home and I have all day", that is inevitably when you will mop and clean etc and not get around to it. So the answer is to chip away every day. Do a bit here and a bit there, even if it is only 10 or 20 mins it adds up.

    Make lists of things to do and reward yourself when you get them done. Celebrate the victories, even if they are small and you will feel like you are progressing. Reward yourself with procrastination. Start the assignment and then write the blog post, or read a chapter and then knit for half an hour.

    Let the people in your life know what you are doing and how you are going so they can support you. Which might mean someone else minding the children, cooking dinner or just having a coffee and listening to assignment ideas.

    Look and see what study workshops (if any) your uni offers, or whether you can join a study group. Are you external or on campus? Either way, connect online or over a cuppa with folks who are going through the same thing you are.

    Get a copy of the referencing guide you need for assignments, don't lose marks over something as fixable as a bibliography!

    Figure out what kind of learner you are. Do you remember things if you write them out? Do you need to hear them, or talk about them? Does highlighting texts in different colours help you remember things? I use lots of post it notes, flags and coloured pens! And I take lots of notes in lectures and then go over them later.

    Set time to do all the things you need to do, but prioritise them. Does it matter if the garden needs a prune when you have an assignment to do? It will still be there when you are done.

    Set big and little goals, so you achieve along the way, but you know what you are really aiming for in the end.

    Ask for help when you need it! Your lectures are paid to help you and I think often we are too scared to look silly and ask dumb questions. Just do it, seek clarification and feedback. Go to their office, email them or telephone. You have every right to!

    Try brainstorming ideas and making concept maps or mind maps if you are stuck. Google these if you need to.

    I could keep going, but I guess the key points are:

    set goals


    write/read regularly

    work out your timelines

    chip away - be persistent!

    Good luck!!!

  11. Thank you everyone. I have done a bit today now - I am going to set each of my allocated days just to one subject. If I finish that and feel motivated, I'll keep going! Thanks again xo

  12. The idea of one subject per day sounds good....marks out a timeline and makes it achievable - good on you!!! As for me, well I am meant to be writing today (deadline looms!!!) but I have been running around, baking, running around, watching my M swim with his school, running around, on the phone, running around, doing the dishes, running around, helping my man with some court documents, running around.....get the picture?? does this sound familiar?? Yep, well no prizes for guessing who is going ot be up late tonight cramming all the writing in to get it done on time!!! but.....I did have a lovely sunshiney, dreamy weekend...TK xx

  13. Just hang in there. I know how hard it can be, but I think you'll be ok. When I was in grad school I gave myself permission to slack off a little bit here and there. It made it easier to buckle down later.

    Best of luck!

  14. why don't you spend an hour in the garden every morning to refresh and revive and then make a cup of tea, settle into your chair and focus for a few hours. You'll be so proud of yourself.

  15. Hello Ms R.
    I suggest you think about how you went about your study in the past.
    I have and always will be a procrastinator.
    The last few years of study for me revealed that even after a 14 year break, marriage and children, I am still the procrastinator.
    Clean house manicured garden, washing, ironing all up to date, emails and phone calls to friends all taken care of.
    That continued to work for me as I do my best work under pressure.
    At present I am procrastinating by reading your blog as, I need to organised for an afternoon shift at my regular job and prepare for my first day at my new job (as a new graduate) tomorrow.
    Just remember it is human nature to want to be in another 'place.'
    I would sooo love to be back studying and not face the reality of being unleashed on the world tomorrow.
    You can do it!!!
    Just look back on your hectic new year/house move etc and look at what you have acheived.

    Miss our ASD 'chats' at Tyabb.
    Millie's mum

  16. hey lovely Rachael, firstly thank you for the sweetness ♥
    I know what you mean about focusing, I am all over the place & have been thinking about going for my dip ed for the last year or so but just can't get myself motivated to go back to study.

    I wish you lots of motivation, you are doing amazingly!
    hugs to you & thanks again ♥

  17. Unfortunately we often have to do a lot of that 'left brain' stuff in order to allow for the 'right brain' stuff to happen. I too am bogged down in that sort of 'stuff' at the moment and I just keep looking at the big picture - yep keep focusing on the WHY. Why are you doing it?



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