Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slippers on Squiggly Sunday

Do you wear slippers?  In my younger years I tried to avoid wearing them, you know it was not that cool in my country town to be seen in slippers when one visited you at home.  Slippers, together with crafting of any kind was not cool.  Too bad I love wearing slippers and cannot be without creating!

It is so very cold here in our new home, the hills are beautiful - however on average 3 to 6 degrees cooler than metropolitan Melbourne.  Many of you know our summer has been cool.  Six days into Autumn and I am in desperate need of some wonderful slippers.

These days I prefer to internet shop - my time is too precious to wander around a mall with two ASD children.  But - I need some slippers.  The choices are quite difficult.  There are so many cute types, organic types, natural fibers versus synthetic.  Natural always wins hands down for me, but I do need to know there is also quality and of course warmth.  I am known to break out in chilblains each winter.

So what do you think of this selection?  I am thinking I will order these blue ones and fold them down.
Ugg Boots Australia
This handmade pair from a Swedish lady are just gorgeous and definitely my style.
I just adore these, but would feel like they would have to be my happy day slippers for when the sun comes out.  I don't think I could wear them on a hibernating, knitting, heater like cold day.
Kid Independent

So with cold feet and Master J telling me he is so very itchy wearing this vest.

I had no choice but to re-use the gorgeous woolen vest to make myself some slippers.  It was a very quick job and I used this pattern.  I have now discovered this pattern from Solvi and I will have to make some more.  I rushed it in need of warm feet, in between cooking dinner and refereeing children squabbling (as you do).  The best news, was that I cut out the pattern on my new kitchen bench!

I love red.  I also love polka-dots.

Tell me about your slippers... do you wear them?  Have you got an old pair of moccies (aka - moccasins)?  Or something a bit more stylish?  Actually how stylish can slippers be?  They are like a cardigan for your feet. Very stylish!  Cardigans are my all time favorite piece of clothing.

This week I have lots of more meaningful stuff to share with you - so keep in touch! xo


  1. Oooh, I really love the ones you made the best! they are so stylish and cute! I got a new pair of slippers for xmas. that brand and style are traditionally given to babies around here, but just like you I love read and I just *adore* them! I wear them all the time, I even take them along when visiting friends!
    i hope you enjoy your warm feet!
    much love from the other end of the world

  2. What beauties! Those red stripes are just so snuggly and happy-making for the cold months. well done!

    I always have two pairs of slippers on the go -- my cheapo-fleecy-silly ones, and then my simple-and-warm pink heavy-duty felt ones. The cheapo ones fall apart each year, but the pink ones are forever slippers!

  3. Oh! Very smart! I love them! I have those Uggs in grey, and as it turns out, I wear them....ALL THE TIME! I love the pictures of your kids with the flowers! Stunning! I am SO glad I found your blog!




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