Friday, March 4, 2011

Squiggly @ The Vintage Shed

Things are so busy here, I am missing blogging and trying not to ignore my online university lectures in temptation to blog!  I must say I am flicking pages on my browser today!  It is much easier in many ways to sit in a lecture room and allow my concentrations to be encouraged by my uni friends who I am missing - Miss B that is you!

Last week I had a huge tidy up in the stall.  I was kind of clutching at straws as I established Squiggly Rainbow's stall.  Now I feel I have a theme going and have some other ideas running around in my mind!  It is just necessary to have time to make all these wonderful creations!

I love the squirrel decal!  I cannot wait to put mine in my new kitchen!  It reminds me of this gorgeous and inspiring kitchen at Erin's house in my favorite blog!  Albeit, not a red chicken, but I think a black squirrel will have a good vibe here in my little forest home!  (I can romanticize about he days I would have squirrel's visiting when I lived in Canada!)

I am loving eggshell blues.  Love the coffee pot!

On Sunday the children and I went to a beautiful little church in Monbulk.  We haven't been to church for some years, and we had a wonderful morning.  It was lovely to be in a church environment that was small, quiet and not striving for great entertainment value.  Our day continued to be so lovely, we went out for lunch in a cute Scandinavian style cafe in Kallista.  I do love cafes!  Across the road was this delightful little store.  My oh my, I will need to take my dear friend Miss B here.  This is the only Vintage Cookbooks store in Australia.  The Pennsylvanian Dutch cookbook I found reminded me of my Grandparents cooking, I may look it up on ebay.

I love the floor!

Hope to blog again sooner and with some craft updates.  I am knitting a poncho for Miss G and making my first ever pattern!


  1. wow your stall looks gorgeous, I have been sitting here squinting trying to get a better look at all of the lovely little things you have!!

  2. OH GOODNESS!!! my eyes were so wide while I was looking through your post!

    SOOO FUN!!!

    Lovely lovely!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter



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