Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100th post giveaway

Tomorrow (or when I write it) will be the 100th blog entry I have written.  The journey of writing - albeit blog-world writing has allowed me to rediscover so much about myself.  YOU have been part of that journey.  To thank you (unfortunately not all of you) - I am going to give away four items from my Squiggly range of children's wear - check some of them out here and here.

What I would like you to do is spread the word.... Two followers of Squiggly Rainbow will be in the running, and so will two new readers/followers.  So I ask you to spread the word - it's all for a good cause of receiving a little gift of thanks in the mail!

So the second thing I need you to do for me is to take a walk outside and be still for mmm.... about 15 minutes.  Find a spot under a tree.  And just be still.  Enjoy it.  Let me know about it and reply in my comments area to go in the draw for a Squiggly Surprise!

Here is some of the children's artwork.  I am so proud of them.

Master S has disgraphia, this is when his fine-motor control and neuro-logical processes muddle and hinder his ability to write.  Disgraphia is a common characteristic within the Autism Spectrum.   This was his first home-experience in years with water colours.  I love to get out the craft and for so long he has avoided it.  Now look what he has come up with.  This is going to get framed professionally I think. 

A Series of Four Seasons - by Master S

Miss G was playing with colour.

I can't wait to read your giveaway comments about your peaceful time outside!

Love Rach xo


  1. Hi...:) thanks for stoping my blog and saying hello.

    Beautiful pictures...:)

    My son Lou got diagnosed with PDD-NOS late last year. Im still getting my head around it. He is high functioning he has speach delay but he is talking a lot better and starting to interact with kids at the pre school he go to he even made a freind!...:) He also sees an OT who he has stop chasing around the OT room and attacking. Lou lashes out when he has meltdowns he get can be very aggresive. (he is a sensory seeker but get over stimulated very easily)

    My blog name Loopity Lou came about when he was a baby he use to get tangled up in my kniting loops of wool would be around his arms. He was breastfeed for 3 years. I was thinking of changing my blog name.

    Im LoopityLou on Ravelry as well.

    Today it rainy and misty up here in the mountains today so I think I'll knit for 15 minutes or more...;)

  2. sun shine
    steals my heart
    and my mind
    it takes me
    away from this
    mundaneness of life
    chore upon chore
    with endless droning
    daily takes hold
    stifling my
    very soul
    Today especially
    I am glad for this
    moment outside
    with a magnitude
    of quiet
    only birds singing
    to me
    and dragonflies
    drifting past.

    TK xx

  3. it is such a lovely day today! I could hear the sweetest melody outside my window earlier as I typed todays blog! I will let you all know the winners in the next few days!

    Rach xo

  4. I had to go into the city for a PD today, up past the Flagstaff Gardens. I am always struck by how lush and green those gardens are, in the midst of city hustle and bustle. It is a like a little peace oasis that calls out for those hurrying past to stop and savour.

    The birds sing and go about their business of catching worms. Dew glistens on the grass. Trees rustle gently in the morning breeze. People walk slower. I like to walk right through the very middle. It's harder to see the buildings on either side that way.

  5. Now you see, it's only 10C here and raining and windy! Do I really have to go sit under the tree for a whole 15 minutes, I'll be sodden! However I do run through the fields daily and the trees are my friends and the fields share my secrets. I talk to the lambs and there is a hawk who sits on the top of a dead tree and watches me. Along the top road the same robin skips ahead of me for about half a mile every time. I love my nature but please don't ask me to stand still...what is this world so full of care, we have no tim eto stand and stare...

  6. It's so hard for me to sit still too Kelloggsville, but it is amazing how good it can be! xo

  7. Hi Rachael,

    Your blog is always great to read. Today I'm having a child free day as he is a daycare and I'm not at work. During this pregnancy I have had to take some time for myself because of last times complications. I have found myself drawn to our bedroom as the garden is right outside and the sun (when shining) streams though the windows. It has really inspired me with my visualisations and relaxation. Your challenge to sit for 15 minutes has made my mind stop and just listen to what is going on around me! Thanks
    Keep writing

  8. What sweet paintings!

    And happy 100th post!! I forgot to mention it in my other comment.

    I took a lovely little walk yesterday evening as the sun was getting low in the sky. I took my camera and enjoyed the pansies and all the little green things popping out of the ground.

    Mentioned your celebration and giveaway on my blog. :)

  9. wow, I love the colors, but especially love your little one's season paintings, they are so full of life! I'm sure they will look fantastic in a frame. I remember when my parents framed special pictures of my sisters and me, we were always so proud. :o)

  10. what I appreciate lately is the wonderful walks by myself, after I drop off the littlest at kinder I get to walk home all by myself. me & my thoughts, through the park, watching people not listening to anything in particular.
    i just love something that we take for granted ♥

  11. I'm just commenting to say HI and your son's artwork is just awesome. Don't enter me in this giveaway as I won the other one and still owe you a pic! We moved to your old neighbourhood on a farm til we can get to our next place and it has been beautiful and quiet and seeing the frost across the trees in the morning. :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  12. Hi Rach, congratulations on your 100th post! I love Master S's seasons paintings. You must be so proud of him, so much detail in those beautiful pictures.

    Now, please don't enter me in your giveaway because I have just received your little parcel in the mail! The yellow fabric is SO sweet and very very Ina. Thank you so much, it was so sweet of you to think of us! I'm going to make her a skirt.

    And as for your sitting still under a tree challenge... I haven't had the chance to sit still today, but I did go bushwalking with my little family, and Ina and I crouched down in the brush - very still and quiet - observing two little wallabies. For a few minutes they looked at us, looking at them, before they hopped away. I also had an uninterrupted hour at my sewing machine, and a half hour twilight walk (on my own!) through the streets while dinner was cooking, I got caught in the rain. It was wonderful!

  13. Well, it's dark outside. But the air was crisp and I love that. There was the smell of fresh eucalyptus everywhere and a hint of lemon. Promise, it smelled like promise. x



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