Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hung up

We spent seven hours yesterday in a shopping center.  I haven't done that for at least 15 years.  The children thought it was so exciting for the first couple of hours.  We lost Master J about 10 times.  He did much better than our IKEA experiences.  We had a list.  No hand-me-downs for a long time left us with many summer layers and these hills are pretty cold.  I may see if my dear Grandmother may knit an extra cardi or two for me.

I cannot fathom spending so much - but what do you do if Op-shops have little when one needs them? I am slightly hung-up on the consumerist world at the moment.  The children all felt very special having some new clothes - and I even bought myself a couple of bits.  What is with the anxiousness I felt buying things for myself?  I rediscovered Dangerfield clothes - I really love their quirks.  I would spend days as a teenager while visiting my Dad's hitting the op-shops in Prahran and Dangerfield in the city.

I was asking for suggestions on facebook over the weekend what to get Master J for his upcoming 6th birthday. I didn't want any plastic, no toys if possible, but need to keep in mind he is only 6.  So we came up with some gorgeous new pencil's of his own, these ones - they are smaller in size, slightly thicker and draw without pressing hard.  Perfect for a child with fine-motor challenges.  A wooden shield and sword to go with his Knight costume from Christmas.  Thankfully with his faschia funding I was also able to get this.  I am so excited.  These Grimms Spiel and Holz Design puzzles are just gorgeous.

It is wet wet wet here today, we are hibernating, playing board games, might watch a movie and do a spot of knitting.

What are you up to today?

Love Rach xo


  1. I really love those puzzles! I think you are brave shopping with kids. I try to go without them but it's a rare luxury

  2. Hi Rach,

    I've sent you an email ~ it will fill you in!

    I love the direction you're heading with Master J's presents. You might also be inspired by a little trip to Geppetto's in either Sassafras or Olinda. They have beautiful wooden toys, games, books....smurfs! Showing my vintage, aren't I?! I go there to buy for my nieces and nephews because I just can't bring myself to buy plastic rubbish.

    I have issues with consumerism too. We spent 7 hours at a factory outlet place near Denver (USA) last year and bought everything we needed at the time. I would never normally do that, but we'd saved up and it was so much cheaper. And then we went back on our no-spending diet!

    My wardrobe needs clearing out, but I'm scared to discover how few things I really wear!

  3. oh the fear I have of shopping centres...they literally fill me with dread!!! Loving yur ideas with gifts, sounds all fab and those puzzles are just amazing - I want them for me!!! It is rather cold here today and I am snugled in bed as am feeling below par, not going to achieve much except get M from school and make dinner for the troops, TK xx ps - re the spending money on yourself, yes it is weird - I SO need a decent haircut, decent underwear, some updated clothing BUT find myself buying everything that everyone else needs and leaving myself out!! What is with that!! Happy games and snuggling today, xx

  4. THe puzzles are beautiful. And I know what you mean about the shopping. I've just bought Griff some track pants and skivvies from target, for $6 each - clothing that cheap has got to be exploiting the people who make it, but right now he needs warm clothes and I can't afford the lovely organic / fair trade versions right now... It's a dilemma.

  5. It is Sarah - I told hubby what I was going to buy - he got a fright when he saw the transaction record online last night. Maybe we can set up some sort of blogging-hand-me-down network! xo

  6. Oh it's so nice to go shopping for new clothes after buying second hand for a while!
    Was cold and rainy here today but bundled up the toddler, stuck on the gumboots and I let her walk all over the farm, puddles and all. Was out there in the rain for about 1.5hrs but how else can you stay sane and wear out a 2 yr old? ;)

  7. Jacinta - have you sold? Are you going to settle in my old area? xo

  8. Not sold yet. Got some hold ups so we're staying at the inlaw's farm in your old area til we can buy again... possibly in Gippsland. Just SLOW going .. just like me taking pics of the dress! x

  9. I saved up one year and bought a 'family Christmas present': the Grimms Spiel puzzle. Give me a cuppa and a puzzle session over the shopping centre any time! (though I don't mind a squiz inside Dangerfield either)...

  10. I love the puzzles Rach. I hate plastic toys, i hate that kids get soooo much stuff and most of it will never be used or for a very short time. The puzzles are a fantastic idea. I am right into wooden and educational toys, (so much so that i am possibly purchasing a toy store that sells wooden and educational toys).
    Hope he loves his presents that you picked for him.
    Lots of love.
    Talia xx

  11. hello! i am procastinating. avoiding work at all costs and surfing for new wonderful blogs to read ... happy to meet you!

  12. Hi Rach, I sent you an email the other day re buying some cards.....did you get it?? I hope so...TK x

  13. Hi Rach

    Please with Master J a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I hope he has a wonderful, special, magnificent day!


  14. Ugh! I did my 3 kids in a shop for about an hour the other day and almost crashed my car on the way home. Shopping like that drains every ounce of life out of me. But kids grow and we must clothe them.
    Its a gorgeous morning here today. We are off to pick the last of our apples, then Indi and Bren are going to a community cider pressing and me and the two smaller girls are off to a birthday party.
    I hope your Sunday is a funday. X



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