Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Easter in Autumn

Our garden is coming along, many pockets of time spent pruning, burning off and raking leaves.  I feel so blessed to have natural wonders in my yard.  Where we lived before our move to the simple life - was so baron.  We have so many birds that visit our garden, and some beautiful old trees.  Sadly one of my favorite tree's was losing branches.  One even hit Master S on the head!

I caught these pictures of the moss that was growing on it's limbs before we had to remove the tree.  It was so beautiful. The leaves had prematurely fallen off this apple tree.  I am so delighted to embrace Autumn and celebrate Easter in this beautiful season in the Southern Hemisphere this time of year.

A new blog I have been following has inspired me with our Easter nature table.  It has given us an opportunity as a family to pause and write note's of thanks for what we are grateful.  The tangible is so much easier than the mysterious.  For me, for children and especially for those with an ASD.  The children are loving writing messages of thanks and gratefulness.  

The Children have been writing notes to God.  So sweet.  Blessings to you this lead up to Easter.  How do you celebrate Easter?

Love Rach xo


  1. Oh I really really like this idea- SO much that I am now going to copy it!!! (well it is the greatest form of flattery apparently!!) -I think my M would get writing notes of thanks - they do it at his school with prayer requests and thoughts and I know he enjoys writing his special notes to God. Thankyou for such a special post, truly beautiful. TK xx

  2. Oh Rach, I love, love, love your Easter tree/branch. It is just divine and so inspirational. I have blown out some eggs to decorate for just such a purpose and not gotten around to decorating them yet. Might just do that tomorrow.
    Enjoy the easter weekend. Will be thinking of you. xx

  3. This is such a great idea! And you documented it with lovely pictures, how could one not want to have one too! ;o) Maybe I'll install a late one on Sunday when we're back in Zürich. we're celebrating ostara, which is very similar to christian easter, just the original date is different, but we often move celebrating to the christian holidays because we get days off then. this year things will be quite spontaneous I think. ;o)
    love your new banner, too!

  4. I am a great lover of moss. What a shame that tree had to go (but you can't have limbs falling on kid's heads willy nilly). Your Easter table is all kinds of perfect...

  5. Gorgeous photos of that moss! Nature is so inspiring, no matter what time of year.

    Your Easter table is lovely!

    (Love your new banner!).

  6. Beautiful pictures and new banner. Easter in Autumn and Christmas in Summer. I wonder if I could ever wrap my mind around a Southern Hemisphere calendar? *grin* He is risen, my friend.

  7. hello friend... i love that you embrace autumn and spring in the same breath, and this reminds me of easter with its death and life intertwined... and your table, decorated, and your children's notes to God... this, this is gift. you are a beautiful mama.

  8. Ah, you have SUCH a beautiful blog. So inspirational. All gorgeous.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.



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