Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squiggly Sunday & The Winner's Are

Master S helped draw your name's out of a hat this morning.  Here are the winner's of my 100th post giveaway.


How exciting!  Can each of you please e-mail me ( with your postal address and the size you would like?  I will do my best to bless you with just the right item!

If you haven't caught up on Squiggly Sundays yet, please check out last weeks blog.  This is something really close to my heart and I would love any of you to be able to share your story here too.  Let me know if you can or would like to.

My boys want to watch Dr Doolittle now on the computer - so I will be back later today with Part 2 of my story.

Love Rach xo


  1. Yeah for the winners!!! They will be so happy when they get their 'squiggly surprises'!! I am going to join in with your Squiggly Sundays - is it okay with you if I do snippet memory stories?? They will not be in order but rather just a random collection of memories....TK xx

  2. That would be just lovely! I will pop a blog hop thingy on the end of my post!

    Love Rach x

  3. Where do I put my 2 cents worth?
    Johnson Harland



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