Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squiggly Sundays

I am quite exhausted at the moment and need to finish my last essay for this first round.

So today I will post-pone Part 2 of my story until next week.  I know many of you have left me wonderful comments about the first part of Squiggly Sundays - thank you so much.  It is actually quite emotionally draining writing from the past and the heart.

But please, follow along with the other journeys here today!  And grab the button from the sidebar too.

Love Rach xo


  1. Whew, I've just been reading last week's part one.
    What a journey. Its so full on thinking about how the beahaviours and choices of other people can affect us for life.
    Thank goodness you had your Dad's place as your happy place and your step Mum to look after you occasionally.

  2. I got lost in your new 'entries' trick, I only wanted to leave a little comment!
    Although I will be very interested in reading Part 2, I understand that there are other priorities in your life. And you know what? A little suspence is not bad...

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