Monday, April 4, 2011

treasure hunting & yesterday

I found these stunning children's patterns and a 1950's Scrabble game on the weekend.  I would love to learn how to make a dress pattern.  My Squiggly Rainbow range of children's clothing has been a bit frivolous and artistic - each dress a different design depending on the fabric.

I would love to design a pattern and have it drawn up in a full size range.  May be my mid-year break project.  Do you have any words of advice?  I am anticipating opening my own online store aswell.  This has me so excited.  I will have to contract Mister J to assist with the computer side of things.  I actually thinking of giving Mister J a name change to Mr Dream Come True.  Done.

I particularly love the pattern on the right.

Yesterday was the beginning of my new Squiggly Sunday sharing post.  This has been on my mind for many months.  I really felt strongly to share my story with my readers.  I also would like to invite readers to contact me through the comment box (I haven't figured out how to link my email up yet) if you are interested in sharing  your story or an even in your life.  Please let me know.  Some dear readers have said they would like to, but cannot.  I understand.  There is a self-challenge within that often can bring up hurts from our past.  There is also a great healing in sharing.  Giving a testimony.  It is a blessing.

Looking forward to seeing all this weeks thrifted treasures and creative spaces too.

Just wanted to show you what my darling Miss G made for me.  She is so sweet.

Love Rach xo


  1. I am okay...dear one, struggling with sick child and sick husband so our house is going to be super quiet and restful today....lots of peaceful stuff, good wholesome food and not too much noise from the black box!! My little M is just getting so tired and with only 2 weeks until end of term I feel we are limping home at this stage!! Can't help with dress patterns as I CANNOT sew BUT like your mid year project idea...Now important question: How are you?? My email link is on my contact info page if you ever want to drop me an email to you today, TK xx

  2. what a great little treasure of patterns! i really hope to see them come alive!
    hey, do contact me with your email address please, so i can sent out your pinterest invite!

  3. No advice on patterns from me but I am sure impressed with your plans - for the project, the online store and your blog hop. Good for you! X

  4. How I adore vintage patterns. I too would love to get some of my ideas drafted into patterns...I have been attempting to do them myself with little success.
    Best of luck with your online store.

  5. i love the look of vintage patterns, I wouldn't know how to use them, just love the look of the packaging.

    i love your rose, absolutely beautiful & sweet of little Miss.

    thanks for sharing your squiggly Sunday with us all, well done Rach ♥



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