Friday, April 22, 2011

winter vegetables

I am so excited to see how our vegetables turn out in this luscious Hills soil.  Our vegetables grew okay at the old house, however the dirt was sandy and full of clay.  Can one be so excited about good soil?  I am!  Master S is once again sick with Asthma and mid-face hyperplasia congestion, I feel for him.  He is spending the day resting and keeping warm.  Miss G and Master J helped sow the seeds for our winter vegetables.  For the first time my Miss G did not want to get her hands dirty.  We had to dodge the rain too, so didn't get to plant the potatoes.

Check out these great shots one of the children took.  I love letting the children go with the camera - I was never allowed to do such a thing.  It might break.  Oh well, ours has been dropped at least ten times and is still going.  I love seeing them capture life from their eyes.

How is your Australian Good Friday?  It's nice and quiet here and chilly too.

Love Rach xo


  1. My Italian Good Friday is full of promise (I just got up). Today is a sunny day and I am going to meet an Australian blogger who lives in the South of France. We never met before, I am so excited and so grateful that internet opens new doors for me.
    Happy Easter, dear Rachael.

  2. We are basking in hot sunshine here in the UK. I'm thinking about getting my salad plants in!! Lovely photos.

  3. Oh to have rich fertile's all sand here in WA, but then I don't have a green thumb either.
    It's been a quiet relaxing day for us, just enjoying each others company.
    Happy easter to the Squiggly Family

  4. What kind of camera do you use Rachael?

  5. Hi Jodie - it is an older digital, we bought about 5 years ago - takes great outdoor pics, but not so good inside! xo

  6. Hi Rachael, how lovely to 'meet' you - I've had a lovely little visit around your blog: your blog makes me think of the country - we moved up to the subtropics 7 years ago & occasionally I see images like yours and I think about cooler weather and the bush & maybe even visiting cold old Victoria! Well, I followed your blog and I shall be back to visit you again. Happy Easter, Jane:)

  7. such a beautiful happy pic of you Rach!
    it's a beautiful thing to watch kids in the garden & taking pics, such a gift you are giving them.
    hope your little man is all better soon, not good to see him suffering.
    thank you Rach for always managing to make me smile with your sweet, sweet words. you are absolutely beautiful...thank you.

    hope tomorrow is filled with love and smiles
    hugs to you ♥



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