Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grateful and the Giveaway

Yesterday I was chopping up strawberries for my children for their afternoon tea when they returned from their day at school.  I felt so blessed and grateful that my children can eat fresh fruit.  Albeit strawberries are the prettiest!  I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Master J informed me that they were 'divine'. I must say I do agree.

We try to have friday night movie night at our house.  I was not very organised at all yesterday and we had little options to suit an 11, 9 and almost 6 year old.  Mister Dream Come True said he had a great documentary.  It was great - just not your average movie night!  The kids learnt lots and so did I.  The 'movie' was about the worlds industrial revolution and the factor of introducing and producing goods for sale that will become obsolete.  Goods that will wear out and break so the consumer will continue to consume.  

It brings me back to the strawberries.  Such a delight for our senses - one many of us take for granted.  I am so grateful for them and the many other natural encounters our family has.

The end of the documentary showed the dumping of e-waste in Ghana.  I did feel quite ignorant to say that I had never heard of international dumping of waste.  I was sick to my stomach - what was once a lush river where these communities could go fishing is now polluted beyond our wildest dreams.

So I am ever so thankful and grateful we are blessed with joys whenever we want like eating a strawberry!

Tomorrow is Squiggly Sunday - check out last weeks to see what it's all about.  Please let me know if you would like to take part.

I will draw the winner's of the giveaway later today (check this out if you would like to win a Squiggly surprise)!

Love Rach xo

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  1. mmmm, strawberries are delish, and as for the world we live in, we can raise our children to be better than that and hopefully that will make a difference!

  2. There is nothing quite like home grown strawberries!!! I too was shocked to learn about e-waste dumping! Very scary.

  3. strawberries are my absolute favouritest of fruits!! Yum I wish I had been at your place for afternoon snack time! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend,TK xx ps - that doco sounds like it would be a winner at our house, my M is rather a doco geek!!! He consumes all the info & regurgitates it at the most random of moments, xx

  4. did you grow those strawberry...yummy! I love that Mr J said the word divine! :) very grown up!

  5. Your strawberries are stunning and so divine looking.
    What is your secret ?
    It is scary what some poor communities have to endure...

  6. Wow, your strawberries are 10x yummier looking than my feeble effort. I think we've had about 3 actual berries all season... hmmmm...

    I LOVE your children's clothing range, BTW. x

  7. They are some amazing looking strawberries. The bugs always beat us to ours. xo

  8. Your strawberries look devine and look very tasty. Enjoying simple pleasures is so important, they often matter the most. I hope that your uni is going well. xo



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