Saturday, May 28, 2011

patterns of today

A day at home.  A day of being a football mum.  

A day loving that we now sometimes really do live in the clouds.

Coffee with a new friend.  A day of attempting a University science project for a six year old. 

A day of rain.  A day of small acts of service.  A day of tiredness of mess.  

A day of spilt milk.  

A day of beauty in all of this.  By choice.

Oh so grateful.  When I listen to this from this blog.  
And remember this weekly coming together of gratefulness.
I give thanks.

Much Love Rach xo

Friday, May 27, 2011

my red shoes part 2

With my upcoming placement I am feeling like I must get out of my dowdy mummy attire. This means I need to do a bit of a wardrobe update.  I have picked up a few things, and have a few kg's to lose to fit into them.  Anyway - my feet are cold.  My favorite red boots have worn through the sole - so I thought I'd try a spot of online shopping this afternoon and look for some boot.

Well I just found these, the PERFECT pair!  I am so excited.  Only problem is the price tag is over $1000.  Can you believe it.  I love, love, love red shoes.  Red is my black.  It goes with everything.

These are nice, but had sold already and maybe are not quite fitted enough.

Looks like I might have to hit the real shops, or see if my other's can be fixed.  I am very inspired by this ladies great ability to put together outfits by op-shopping, she has a beautiful style.

I'm off to school to get my kidlets now and will be using Master J for a university assignment conducting a science lesson!  Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Love Rach xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

more grey skies

I love that cosy winter feeling when I have a mission.  When I don't have a mission the dark cloud sets in my mind and I feel not so great.  You know what I mean?  Do you get that?

I was just reading this blog and was kind of glad to hear someone else share's those feelings.  Tell me, what do you do when it is cold, rainy and home-bound weather to have that Spring and Summer spark back?

I am feeling good at the moment with my essay writing keeping my mind busy, focussed and quite entertained.  I have placement for three weeks full time in a close by primary school that pioneered Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden program - so I am quite excited.  I wonder how I will feel though by the end of the school holidays when I've had the kids home for two weeks and no full time study.

So to prevent what has often repeated history with the winter blues - I want your suggestions to get me through the rest of this cold, wet and grey season.

Here are some of the bits of preparedness I have been taking to try and prevent the dark cloud from setting.

I ordered myself this book after a lovely friend suggested I'd love it.  This is Master S's flower garden, thinking and planning Spring planting is exciting.  Albeit the 1/2 acre of land we moved to, he did not want to plant anything in the ground.

Now for a little update on the renovation progress.  The kitchen is coming slowly - but we have new stools and can utilise the island bench now.  

I've organised the entrance way to the house.

The view from the front door is a bit embarrassing if we have a visitor at the moment.  However the more rubbish we throw out means the better the inside is looking!  Please excuse the laundry trough!  This pile of crap rubbish is headed for the hard rubbish collection pile.

And lastly I just had to show you this; my little man who avoided all writing and fine motor is taking off in full flight.  He is a mathematician aswell I have discovered.  Master J has just turned six.

Master J's "times table" unaided and unprompted, self-motivated work.

Please let me know what you do to take the blues away so I don't get them in a few weeks time!

Much love Rach xo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

remember the days

The second of my four essays due this Friday is almost finished.  I have an extension on the final two for another ten days.  Whewww!  Today I was thinking of a quick blog fix, to say hi and let you all know I am still here.  I have no new photo's to share - albeit many delightful things to share.  Flat batteries and essays prove to highlight the inability at the moment to play photographer.

My current essay is discussing the positive behaviour of a classroom.  As I am yearning to be an early years teacher, primarily kindergarten - it has reignited the flame I was losing.  It is great to remember why I am studying.  I have a passion and I am excited to follow this journey - even though it may need to slow down at times.

So I thought I'd share a few old blogs, one of my first and some early Squiggly days!

Also if you missed last Sundays post - check it out.  We had our first guest blogger - Yaga from The Shiny Bubble.  It was delightful to read part of her story - I hope she will do another guest blog for us one day!

Much Love Rach xo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Squiggly Sunday

It's that time of the week again.  Squiggly Sunday.  I have had a weekend of hurt feelings.  A weekend of healing from Squiggly Sundays.  Someone in my family read my story and it caused a stir.  A good and bad stir, feelings of inadequacy for one that didn't need to.  We will continue with Squiggly Sundays after I thought of packing it in.  I have been so very blessed with support from my new community - the community God lead me to.  Thank you lovely people, you know who you are.

You know we meet people for a reason.  Yaga was one of the first Blogland  friends I made.  My dream and prayer for Squiggly Sundays has been that it would be a place people could come to contemplate their own life and open themselves up for healing.  For processing of stuff that happened.  There is lots of good stuff that happens in our darkest times, and we become the people we are from it.

So please let me introduce you to this amazingly kind lady who lives on the other side of the world to me.  She is fun and herself and I just love her!  This is Yaga from The Shiny Bubble

Hello everybody, my name is yaga and I blog over at the shiny bubble.

I am so impressed with the way Rachael shared her personal story here over the past few weeks, and I thought I'd give it a try myself.

The story I want to tell you is about my sister Rosie.

Rosie was not my sister from the start. I only met her when I was about 14 years old. Before Rosie came into my life I was a very shy child. Every moment I can remember from that time, all down to when I was about three years old, always has an underlying tone of insecurity and a feeling of not being good enough. I don't think anybody's to blame for that. It seems it's just the way I was born.

One episode I remember very clearly from these days is when my birthday was being celebrated in kindergarten. The ritual included me sitting at the birthday table in the middle of the circle, wearing a crown and birthday cloak. I think as a child, birthdays are just the best part of the year for everybody. But all I remember from that day is that I felt so ashamed because I was convinced that I looked horrible in the birthday clothes and how everybody was looking at me. I chose the most boring kids in the class as my birthday friends, because I did not dare to choose the ones I liked best, for fear that they did not like me back.

It got only worse when I grew up to be a bookworm and then a nerdy teenager, spending my time buried in books and the internet, for fear of going outside and doing the things that I really wanted to do. Because I could fail, you know.

But then, somehow, Rosie showed up and it all changed. After being one of the kids others giggle about when they walk by in my primary school class, I had spent two years in highschool in peace. People more or less left me allone. Everybody had enough to do for themselves with studying and then making friends and going out with them. I even kind of liked some of my classmates. After two years, the classes were being split up and reformed according to our matura profile choices. I was deadly afraid all summer break long. How would the new people treat me? Would they laugh about me?

When I stepped into the classroom, people were nice. Nice. They said hi. They chatted with me. I was over the top. And from that first lesson on, Rosie was sitting with me. Rosie was my sister, my partner in crime, she was everything I always wanted to be. She looked exactly like me, but she did not think that jeans were cool. Rosie decided that we would only wear skirts from now on. She said we would go make-up shopping. She put on loads of eyeshadow in the morning. She skipped and squealed, she flirted, she made friends. She was the quirky, squiggly, long-buried me that had come out to play. I found I liked being friends with boys better than girls. I think it was because the boys could see Rosie better. The girls would sometimes squint at her and see me behind the grinning face, and that made me feel uneasy.
So I stuck with the boys, and for the first time in my life, I was happy.

But sometimes, often when winter was on and it had been dark and dark for days and days, I would wake up and Rosie was gone. Sometimes she went away, just like that. And on these days, I would often not get out of bed. I just couldn't, because Rosie was what kept me upright, it was her who belonged to that class. She always stood in front of me, shielding me from sight and it was Rosie everybody knew. Nobody knew yaga with the teary face. The girl that felt exhausted by the effort of looking other people in the eye. The girl that had never known a day without a headache for as long as she could remember. The girl that sat in a cage together with various dark and unfriendly faces that shouted "You'll never make it!" "You're a lyer and a fake!" "You are riddiculous!" and other horrible things, until she couldn't bear it anymore and went back to sleep.
Sometimes Rosie was gone for a monring and then would drag us into school with a feeble excuse, assuring everyone that everything was under control. But the next time she went away and I looked into the mirror, I could see the stain of guilt had grown bigger, because all the frowns of my teachers, the suspicious questions of my classmates, the scolding of my parents and my very strong general social consciousness had added to it.

When Rosie stayed away longer, I would spend days in bed, pretending to be some kind of sick. Sometimes I had a migraine or a fever, which made things easier. On such days, I would only wake up to eat and cry until I could go back to sleep. I could spend 18 hours of a day dozing or sleeping without problems. Everything to make the voices go away.

The year after I left school I was diagnosed with winter depression. Now the days without Rosie had a name, but it did not make her go away less. If anything, it just made me dread the dark times even more. But Rosie continued to make me happy. Rosie made great friends at uni. She went bow shooting and fishing, she met internet friends and organised parties. You must understand, she was a really nice girl. She wasn't fake. She was as much from the heart as could be. Only me, I was fake and wrong and did not keep up with her. Rosie got us a fabulous job. She joined couchsurfing and we met 90% of the people I call friends these days. She decided that we should quit our job and go traveling.

But then, we met the Cat That Walks Allone, and he did not fall in love with Rosie. He fell in love with yaga. He looked at us, and he looked at the orange hair and the shiny eyes and the quirky shoes and the colorful clothes, and he saw the girl that was sad. And he loved her.

Befriending this boy was the first ever thing despite crying and sleeping and feeling bad that I did without Rosie.

I felt so vulnerable and guilty, but in a very strange way I also felt relieved, light and empty in the good way that a blank sheet of paper is empty.  I went traveling then, but Rosie was grumpy and she often walked a step behind me, and we both didn't like it. I felt so guilty for not liking to travel. I shared everything with him. He listened. I could talk about everything. The first time in my life, I was not afraid or ashamed to be the way that I was. No, I was eager to share, I soaked up the healing he gave me. I was so grateful.

The first social event I attended to after I came back was dreadful. Rosie was there, but she was way too loud, her voice hurt my ears and I wanted her to go away.

I cried for hours that night. I shook, I cringed, I scratched myself until it hurt. I tried to hold on to myself because everything that had ever felt positive about my life was slipping away from under my grasp. I knew I had to let it go, but there was nothing, oh nothing that would be left except for the hurt and the dark voices and the boring, empty, scared little person that was me.

Only, he was there and he held me, and he spoke to me so that my soul would not get lost. He guided me through the dark seas of my underworld, he helped me look the sharks in the eye.

And when I surfaced, he was still there, and I was still there, and life was at our feet.

Rosie was but a memory, a bittersweet one, for she has taught me so much and we've had such good times together. I missed her terribly. I still miss her sometimes.

It's been two years since Rosie went away. My winters are peaceful, although I take care to get enough sunlight and be mindful with my resources.

The faces and voices are coming back all throughout the year now, but they hardly ever see me hiding under the covers for more than a few hours.

It has been hard to introduce my friends to myself when most of them only knew Rosie and wondered where she had gone and when she would come back. It was painful to see some of them turn away from me, dissapointed or bored or both. But it is a blessing to see that most of them stuck around and all but shrugged at the changes.

And I am still walking through the wonderland that is my, my, my own life, looking for the ultimate purpose. You see, I have been introduced to the fact that I have limited energy resources very early in life, and it seems that now I am looking for the one thing that is worth spending them all on. It might be an illusion. I might be butterflying from project to project, from interest to interest for the rest of my life. But I will keep doing it by myself. I don't need anybody to stand in front of me now.

The dark monsters keep coming back, but now I answer them, I shout back and sometimes I take my gluegun and I stick red clown noses on their muzzles.

If you have made it this far: Thank you!
Rachael says that squiggly sundays are helping her to heal and I tried to write about something that has been healing inside of me for a long time, and now as I type these last sentences, I feel like I've made a really, really big step on the way. Thank you for keeping me company on this part of the path!
Much love


Even if you don't have a blog and are interested in facing the challenge of writing for Squiggly Sundays, drop me a line.  There is freedom in truth and being truthful to ourselves - remembering.

Much Love Rach xoxox

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. Martin Luther King Jnr.

Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.Francis Bacon

A truthful witness saves lives,but a false witness is a traitor"
Proverbs 14:25

Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes afterward.Georges Bernanos

Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven."
Psalm 85:10

Wisdom is found only in truth.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Are we truthful to ourselves?  Do we let our neighbour see our truth?  Squiggly Rainbow 

Grateful for truth, check out more gratefulness today.

Friday, May 20, 2011

head in thoughts, thoughts in head

I am finishing my first essay off today and have three to go.  I begin full-time placement in three weeks that goes for three weeks.  As I read some new blogs my head is full of so many thoughts.  I am thinking about the greatness of blogging for my own heart and self.  Then I wonder - mmm... I'd prefer not to talk about it with people that actually know me.  I love blogging as a source of clarifying my own thoughts, isn't that why most of us do it?  Then I wonder how much of me do I share?  My husband know me, my God knows me - is it safe to let you know me?  I know it is all very obscure.  These thoughts of mine.

I am relishing in the healing to my own heart I find in reading blogs of other's who are open, honest and writing about times in their life that many don't talk about.  Mentioning my eating disorder in Sunday's blog was a huge step.  I had even forgotten to include it in my story.  I have hidden it from the world for so long - but it is part of me.  All these little stories make up who we are.  We are not the same, why do we try to present that we are?

I look at my darling daughter and see how innocent she is still at 11 1/2.  I have been told by many that she needs to 'grow up' and do what other kids do.  There is no way I would let her have access to the internet unattended let alone be on chat lines until all hours of the night.  Why the hell would I want to do that.  The real world is horrible.  I tried to introduce an old Australian movie, remember The Shiralee with Brian Brown?  The dysfunction was nothing new to me, but it distressed her so much.  Master S wouldn't have a bar of it, however he is sensitive to Little House on the Prairie!

Yesterday I was searching for a good book to buy Miss G.  She is academically gifted and quite the reader.  So I decided to look in the teen section.  What the?  There was nothing wholesome, a book for a 12-13 year old discussing a teenage girl dying and her only wish was to have sex. I know some (and bless those of you who have not lost it after kids) think sex is great - but for an early teen?  Why once our babes reach a certain age is the world trying to turn them into tarts?  Many an article has been written on this and some are of the opinion it is what the parents teach.  I agree.  I also may add that there is not much out there in mainstream society that aides in raising wholesome children once they reach a certain age.

So I will continue to teach my children the way I do.  I don't want my daughter purging and starving herself like I did.  Why would I expose her to such crap in the media.

Rant, rant, rant.

So how much of me do I share?  I don't know.  It kind of hurts to do it. I feel it opens me up for rejection.  It also brings me healing.  Maybe it brings something to you too?  Thanks for your support to those of you who leave comments - if you don't - be brave!  It truly blesses me. xoxox

Back to my essay!

Much Love Rach xox

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

girls time & a weekend away

Our beautiful school had a cake decorating competition for Mayfest on the weekend.  Look at what my Miss G designed and made (with a tiny, tiny bit of help).  She is so clever.

I have been following the Lark blog recently.  I love the eclectic and ditsy style Alison has.  Reading my mags over the last few years I have often seen pictures of her beautiful home in Daylesford.  Oh so pretty and comfy.  Well, the good news is, we can all visit!  Alison has moved house and has decided to open this home up for holiday and weekend makers!  We could do a spot of sewing and have a drop of red by the fire.

Have a look here for the details, it is just gorgeous!  Maybe a few of us could have a girls weekend away!  I just love it - and I have never been to Daylesford before, so it must be put on my agenda.

Have you been away somewhere beautiful lately?

Much Love Rach xo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miss G's Mitts

I knitted these for Miss G over the weekend.  I was inspired by Kate's toasties, however as I am no good with circular knitting, I had to find a pattern of mitts that are knitted straight.  So I modified this pattern.  Here is my new modified pattern I will call 'Squiggly Mitts'.

I used the stunning Noro yarn - I will have to buy another stash to get them a little more matching.  I am knitting myself a pair now in a gorgeous Sublime yarn.

Here is the pattern I modified to:
Squiggly Mitts

Cast on 34 stitches.
Knit SS until you have desired length to base of thumb.
Right Mitten
K17, M1, K3, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS
K17, M1, K5, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS
K17, M1, K7, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS

K17, M1, K9, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl

***For a one size mitten, there should now be 42 stitches on the needle.  Work 25 stitches in Knit, turn work, Purl 11.

Knit 4 rows SS for a child or 8 rows SS for an adult.  Work rib pattern, K1, P1, K1 P1 for the rest of row and following 6 rows.  Cast off loosely.  Leave a 20cm tail of yarn and stitch side seam of thumb from top to bottom.  Use the tail yarn once seam is sewn to knit up two stitches and then Knit remainder of row.  Rejoin yarn

Work in SS until you have desired length of mitt.  Work 8 rows in rib pattern (K1, P1, K1,P1).  This could be substituted with another pattern if you so desire.  I considered Moss stitch.

Cast off loosely and sew up side seam.***

Left Mitt
Cast on 34 Stitches.
Knit SS until you have desired length to base of thumb.
Right Mitten
K14, M1, K3, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS
K14, M1, K5, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS
K14, M1, K7, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Two rows SS

K14, M1, K9, M1, K to end.
Next row - purl
Work from *** to ***

Love Rach xo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Squiggly Sunday - Part 3

In case you have no idea what I am talking about with my Squiggly Sunday stories - take a look here for part 1 and here for part 2

I also have a call out for anyone that would like to do a guest post on a Squiggly Sunday - I know alot of you reading have your own blogs - if there is a story you would like to share - let me know.


Part 3 

Half way through Grade 5 we landed in a small South Gippsland town in country Victoria.  My Grandparents had moved here a few years before and we were able to live in their home until Mum found a house.  He had stopped showing up as often, I can only recall once or twice.

School was unsettling - it was my third school that year.  I was a prissy girl from the 'city' as these country people called it.  My shy self did not feel like I fit in until many years later in high school.

We continued to visit my Father every second weekend.  My life was exciting when I visited him - trips to Melbourne, shopping, going out to many places.  Time at home with Mum was settled - not exciting.  I suppose that was the extreme from the 'Disneyland Dad' to a normal home life.

The usual growing up stuff was happening - the onset of pubescence - shifts in friendships that I had not really even established.  Only two of my friends I made that year in Grade 5 stayed with me through to the end of high school.  I really wish we had kept in touch more once high school finished.  It's never too late is it?

I was very shy of boys - I suppose with my family history it was not any wonder.  I remember my first kiss (or    'getting on' as we called it).  My God is was horrible.  Complete peer pressure and I dumped him after that.  I had many a crush - a few special ones - but never said a thing!  I would dream of one day having someone love me - it was not my thing to be bold and hop from boyfriend to boyfriend.

Around about the age of 14 I began to remember all the comments my Father had made about my weight.  I was never a plump girl, just a tad of extra meat - and I mean a tad.  I began to be careful about what I ate.  By the age of 15 I was eating very little and very healthy.  All I could see in the mirror was FAT.  

I was academically bright and still quite shy - not very cool at all.  By the time Year 10 came around - things picked up in the popularity stakes and by no means was I ever in the cool wanna-be surf chick group - but I think we all gained quite alot of respect for each other.  It was no longer so bad to be the smart and quiet one.  I was chosen to be a Rotary exchange student whilst I was in Year 10 - I remember the day my Mum popped in to school to tell me. Three of my friends held my hand and skipped around school with me - so excited.  One gave me a surprise going away party before I left to begin Year 11 abroad.  You know I never knew how much any of my school mates valued me.  For the first time since I started school with this group in Grade 5 did I actually feel valued and liked.  It was something I will never forget.  Thank you Smelly.

This shot was taken just before I left for Canada, standing with the Brazilian exchange student who lived in our  Australian town.  At the age of 16 and 13 days I left for a year in Canada as a Rotary exchange student.  I could not wait to leave and felt this was the freedom I had needed for so long.  A time to be myself - I felt I did not have to be such a people pleaser.  It was a clean slate - not that I had a dirty one - but you know what I mean!  I began my year away the size in the picture above and after the first month in Canada I gained 16 kilograms.  I probably needed to do it.  But again, another situation arose that made me feel insecure.

I loved, loved, loved my year away.  No regrets at all.  I met so many wonderful people my age from all over the world.  I lived with four different families for three months at a time and attended school.  I had my first real boyfriend and then another - nothing serious - but worth a mention.  

About half way through the year I tried to purchase some diet pills from a teen magazine.  For the money I sent off in the post, all they sent in return was a healthy eating book.  I began to binge on chocolate and packets of powdered soup.  I then began to make myself sick.  I would sleep all summer through to about 2pm, eat little, binge and make myself vomit.  I was bulimic.  My host father noticed something was not right and sent me to the doctor - but as we all know - rarely does one with an eating disorder openly admit that they have one.  

This year abroad enabled me to become myself.  No body knew my family - they were not a part of me where I was in Canada.  People were interested to get to know me and that felt pretty special.  I felt special for the first time in many, many years.  Three out of four of my families were Christians and that was a wonderful thing for me.  I felt safe and nurtured.  We traveled a little, but only within British Colombia and a quick Rotary trip to California doing the real Disneyland thing.  I cannot imagine allowing my children to be overseas at that age for a whole year.  I was however quite responsible, albeit my first real boyfriends and drunken experience.

It was the age of snail mail back then and I regularly received letters from my parents and friends.  It was exciting and I did miss them all.  I found it really difficult to leave Canada - my new home it felt to me.  So much had happened and I had changed so much.  

I returned to Australia to begin my final year of secondary school and I had just turned 17.  I had a lovely New Year in Canada - I remember watching the squirrels at my friends host-parents house eating on the window sill.  My New Year Resolution that year was that I wanted to meet the man I was going to marry.  I suppose it was also my prayer.  By this time, my eating habits had resolved of making myself sick.  I no longer went to that length, but did always watch what I ate very closely.  My mother was on to me by then.  

I am struggling to find some good pictures to show you all - they are all in the garage and it's too cold to go digging.  Here is one I found of our Year 12 Formal, I'm in the centre in a black dress.  It feels like just yesterday and I wish I'd been able to keep in touch with some of this folk a bit better.

I don't know what my school mates thought of me once I returned, but things were different.  There were less than twenty of us and we became a really close group.  Our final year of high school was one of the best years I had had - even today I think it was pretty wonderful.  Remember I loved to study and we got up to some great lunchtime and study time shenanigans.  I was also the winner of the tallied 'dumb' comments and received a teacher's award for being gullible.

My New Years Prayer came to fruition in the March of that year when I met my Mister Dream Come True.
 The funny thing was - he was not what I expected!!  He had a name that often girls are called and his hair was as white as Miss G's is now and he was the same height as me I swear.  He is now taller - and we have grown up.  This new chapter of my life was blessed and coming of age.  Looking at photo's there are so many thoughts and memories that I have forgotten.  I just remembered all I consumed the day of this picture was watered down Milo - so I did not look fat.  Oh so sad.

Weren't we spring chickens!  This was at Mister Dream Come True's Year 12 Formal.  One week after we met Mister Dream Come True's mum passed away from cancer - I met his whole family at her funeral.  Our first year together in was pretty intense emotionally for him.  He told me when he met me his Mother had told him to never marry a girl who had divorced parents.  Funny thing was he told me he would marry me the first night we met!


Please let me know if you would like to guest blog on a Squiggly Sunday.

Much Love Rach xo

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love living in our new home.  Last night we could watch the mist (or it could have been cloud) roll in to the forest across the road.  We could see it from our gorgeous window.

Today I have listened to two lectures and written a few pages of notes on my Health and Physical Education subject.  I am to design an integrated lesson for my aimed age group.  I hope to be a kindergarten teacher - so am thinking about what type of lesson.  Should we grow strawberries and look at the science of that or play "What's the time Mr Wolf"?  Maybe the Children will help with ideas after school.

The sky turned a beautiful violet behind the silhouette of the tall tree's last night.  Such a delight to see each day a beautiful scene from our home.

Master S has had two great days.  What a blessing.  He is going to his lovely friends house tonight to decorate a cake for the Cake Decorating Competition at school - cakes are to be decorated in the theme of a book.  He is so excited.  Miss G is doing her's tomorrow with her friend - I think they have chosen The Magic Faraway Tree, while the boys are doing a Pokemon theme!  The 'blessed school' is having a Mayfest festival on Saturday.  I am so excited - there will be art shows, billy-cart races, bowling, lemonade stalls - just my cup of tea!  If you want to come - you are most welcome!

I picked this up yesterday at the local op-shop.  It was heading to the Vintage Shed - however Master J just loves it!  Isn't it great.

Our renovations are happening slowly.  The new oven was connected yesterday and Mister Dream Come True was chipping tiles off this morning.  The noise was a bit much for my studies - so he has vacated.  I had better return to it.

Enjoy this cosy day everyone!

Much Love Rach xo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I can do it

I have just been on the telephone to the University support person about my breakdown over finishing the last four assignments in the next two weeks.  She was so lovely - what a blessing someone gets paid to work for a University to talk to people like me on the phone who are not coping!  Why she asked am I studying four subjects - mmmmm - maybe I thought I could do it.  But I can't.  So that is that, hopefully I will get all the work in and done.

To take my mind of my brain shutting down, I allowed it do drift off to the hum of my sewing machine.  Look what I came up with!  I may make myself one I think.

These are made from 100% repurposed woolen jumpers (sweaters/jerseys) and are sooooo cute!  They are in my store now.

So I am telling myself I can do it with my University work.  If I get an extension on two essays - then only four weeks to go and I am done for a while.  Next semester - one subject will be more than enough I say!

It's cold, rainy and kind of cosy here - I am awaiting the arrival of my slippers - then I will be nice and toasty.

Much Love Rach xo

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am so grateful that we now have central heating and our home is warm.  I am grateful we will be seeing our besties tonight and celebrating birthdays.  I am grateful to follow this blog and meet this new blog I love.

I am grateful that our living room is taking shape and the views of the tree's are better than ever.  I am grateful Master S, Miss G and Master J had a wonderful evening roller skating on Friday night with new friends from their blessed school.

I am grateful Miss G is loving creating too. She made 'Teddy' for Master J - it is a heat pack 'Teddy' (named after Mr Bean's teddy 'Teddy'.

 I am grateful that we may have some answers to help Master S and his school work.  I am quite the anti-technology mama - but it seems there are some benefits.  We don't have tv reception we don't do gaming consoles.  But it looks like an ipad could be wonderful for my boys.  It so goes against my grain; but I have been doing lots of reading and we will give it a go!  Check out this and this.

Much love Rach xo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

belated Thrift sharing

I am feeling quite disorganised after having children home for so long.  Master S is finally back to school - and we have made a deal.  Two weeks of school each day and he will get a reward - Lego!  His teacher suggested he may need to feel like he has some power over his life.  That is a bit tricky for one who has trouble looking after themselves.  Anyway - Master S is back to school and I am hoping to get some routine happening again.

These are my thrifted treasures from this week.  I upcycled the little chair to - Seuss style!

Some gorgeous vintage sheet fabric and lovely ceramics.  Gotta love this sausage dog!

My darlings continued to read their story together again last night.  If you missed this cute story, check it out here.

Master J is now a full time school boy.  He has delighted me to see him take himself off to his bed to read a book after his after-school-snack.  I was going to go and cuddle him yesterday - but thought the better of it.  Sometimes it's nice just to have a few minutes by ourselves to calm.

I may have some news this afternoon - will let you all know.  I have been creating more lampshades - loving it.  Also wanting to get a start on my winter line.  I have collected some beautiful wool - very exciting!

Much Love Rach xo


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