Wednesday, May 4, 2011

belated Thrift sharing

I am feeling quite disorganised after having children home for so long.  Master S is finally back to school - and we have made a deal.  Two weeks of school each day and he will get a reward - Lego!  His teacher suggested he may need to feel like he has some power over his life.  That is a bit tricky for one who has trouble looking after themselves.  Anyway - Master S is back to school and I am hoping to get some routine happening again.

These are my thrifted treasures from this week.  I upcycled the little chair to - Seuss style!

Some gorgeous vintage sheet fabric and lovely ceramics.  Gotta love this sausage dog!

My darlings continued to read their story together again last night.  If you missed this cute story, check it out here.

Master J is now a full time school boy.  He has delighted me to see him take himself off to his bed to read a book after his after-school-snack.  I was going to go and cuddle him yesterday - but thought the better of it.  Sometimes it's nice just to have a few minutes by ourselves to calm.

I may have some news this afternoon - will let you all know.  I have been creating more lampshades - loving it.  Also wanting to get a start on my winter line.  I have collected some beautiful wool - very exciting!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. It sounds like there are lots of good things going on in Squiggly Rainbow World at the moment - I love that!! TK xx

  2. What delightful finds :) I love the little Seuss inspired chair!

    Such a precious time of your children reading together...very special indeed.

  3. Love that little wooden doggy. He would be in my shop so fast if I had spotted him! And great job on the little chair. So fun and colorful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. That little chair is pretty much AWESOME-NESSS :) Love the Seuss-man! :)

    Great thrifty finds! {really like the scrabble tile finds...I think I see a craft project appearing with those in the furture?}


    xx Cat brideblu

  5. Lovely thrifted goodness! Can't wait to see your lampshades. Your photos of your family are beautiful.

  6. always love some good oppie treasures!
    looking forward to your news.
    hope you are well Rach, sending you hugs ♥

  7. You are a master thirfter! Amazing items!

    I didn't know adoption has been on your heart! Our too! Where will God lead us!?

    Have you read this amazing blog? She is a true inspiration and she and her husband have adopted 4 girls, each with special needs. I love them!

    Bye for now, friend!


  8. I am often amazed by your energy and how strong you seem. You are doing so much ... and long posts on top of everything!

  9. Great Holly Hobbie crock and the scrabble tiles. Thanks for sharing.

  10. you scored! so much treasure in one spot.

    hope you get the uni work done without too much struggle.



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