Tuesday, May 3, 2011

blessing and honor

I am blessed.  Times here are a bit tough at times.  Stuff happens; medical challenges; emotional feats; growing wiser.  Mister Dream Come True and I don't often get much quality time.  He works shift work and is often away in the evenings.  When the children are home in the day - we don't get that special time to chat.

What amazes me is the blessings that come.  They are not huge in a worldly sense, but amazing treasures to my heart.  We were talking about our life, where we are headed.  What does He want us to be doing?  Are we listening?  We moved here, to our simple life.  But what more does He have for us.  What more are we to be doing?

I am amazed at what happens when we take the focus off ourselves.  Our children have been discussing some pretty big things lately.  Master J has been asking God to put a baby in my tummy.  Unless it is a miracle (Mister Dream come True has had the snip) - that will not be happening.  But Master J asks if we can get someone elses baby?  Someone elses?  Mmmm, interesting - especially as I read this amazing blog.  It is just amazing.  So we are waiting and seeing.

I am amazed at what happens with a follow on effect once we stop, think and take note.  The blessings that come.  True blessings.

You all know we have issues with our Master S and anxiety.  Miss G is the wonderful big sister.  She is amazing.  She is also however very challenging at times.  She struggles to understand why her brother's are the way they are.  Miss G is eleven, she is kind, clever, generous and lives in this world.

Some of my reader's may be feeling a bit puzzled by what I am blogging about today.  Apologies to you if you are.  It is not my intention to blog about the meaningless.  So many amazing good things happen in our lives - and we don't take the time to talk about them.

Back to Miss G and the blessing she brought to our family last night.  At times she struggles to find kindness towards Master S now they are a little older.  She is very mothering to Master J - but often feels jealous and dislike towards Master S.  Deep in her heart I know she adores him, but he is a tricky kind of guy when one is a Princess!

Master S has run out of books to read.  Yesterday he was still home sick and the library was shut.  His Asperger mind was wholly focussed on only reading a certain book (which we could not get).  This sent him into a downward spiral.  Miss G shared with me she had many great books and he could borrow some.  I agreed and let her know I had strategically placed Deltora Quest on our coffee table, but Master S had not picked it up.

Blessing and Honor.  Miss G opened the book and sat across the living room and began reading out loud to Master S.  This was a miracle in our home. They moved to the kitchen table and kept reading.  The children's teachers have requested they read aloud and I have struggled to fit it in.  This morning before school the reading aloud continued without any prompting.

So precious - so blessed.  I am reading this book at the moment.  It is a blessing to be able to see the simple pleasures and gifts in our life.

More in the shop too today!

I have also applied for a blogger position on an upcoming Australian women's lifestyle website that is launching this June.  I will have news soon - but leaving it in the hands of what is meant to be.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. What a lovely moment you have captured here. It is just amazing when we catch our children acting selflessly. That's a really big deal when you're young! x

  2. Rach, I hardly know where to start with this post - I am so excited for you!!!

    1. Miss G is just showing such beauty of spirit - a rare quality - you must be so proud of her.

    2. Your upcoming possible blogging option is fab, fab, fab!!!!

    3. Babies in your tummy caused me to smile.....we will NOT be having any babies here BUT this year has seen us go down a path we didn't see coming....we are about to become respite foster carers and I am so excited - the why and how of this story is a mixed one tinged with lots of sadness BUT it proves that He is over ALL things..

    3. EVERYWHERE I turn of recent I come across 'One Thousand Gifts' - God is trying to tell me something I think & I am currently waiting for my copy to arrive!

    4. I think at some level we are kindred spirits of some degree!

    Love to you today, hugs, TK xx

  3. Good luck with the blogger position! That sounds exciting!

    So good to step back once in a while and really see what's happening in our lives. I think that when we do, every time, we see grace. so glad that you've been able to lately, even through all of the struggles.



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