Wednesday, May 18, 2011

girls time & a weekend away

Our beautiful school had a cake decorating competition for Mayfest on the weekend.  Look at what my Miss G designed and made (with a tiny, tiny bit of help).  She is so clever.

I have been following the Lark blog recently.  I love the eclectic and ditsy style Alison has.  Reading my mags over the last few years I have often seen pictures of her beautiful home in Daylesford.  Oh so pretty and comfy.  Well, the good news is, we can all visit!  Alison has moved house and has decided to open this home up for holiday and weekend makers!  We could do a spot of sewing and have a drop of red by the fire.

Have a look here for the details, it is just gorgeous!  Maybe a few of us could have a girls weekend away!  I just love it - and I have never been to Daylesford before, so it must be put on my agenda.

Have you been away somewhere beautiful lately?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Gorgeous cake and gorgeous holiday house! If it's not too madly expensive, I'd love to join a girls' weekend away!

    Oooh - just checked the website - a weekend would be $1300 regardless of the number of people. Wow. Mid 2 nights mid week could be 800 - 1200 ish depending on number of rooms/beds used. It looks amazing, though!

  2. Aww it's beautiful:) What a clever girl you have there, she's done a beautiful job, good luck in the competition.

    Doesn't it look like a beautiful house to stay in, perfect for a girls weekend;) I'd love to visit it one day it's been a while since I've explored Victoria. And sadly we haven't been away in a while but going to the bay last weekend was nice place to visit.

    Have a lovely day. xo

  3. well done Miss G! fabulous creation. love the little toadstools and the little details.

  4. That cake is the attention to detail and my son and I have just finished reading that book :)

    I could easily see myself spending time at that holiday home...bliss!!

  5. Gorgeous cake just love the detail!

  6. the cake. the house.

    both look yummy!

    rachel xo

  7. the cake, the trees in particualr - lovely!!!

    That sewing chair - divine!!!

    I have been to Daylesford once in my life and I absolutely loved it!!! I think a girls weekend would be wonderful, count me in!!

    TK xx

  8. I would love a weekend away in Alison's gorgeous nook.

    Your daughter has done a fabulous job on her cake. It is just so gorgeous that I almost have a tear. Clever girl. x

  9. Amazing cake! The Faraway Tree was just about the best story ever -- I still get excited seeing its cover!

  10. That cake is just amazing. As a child I loved the Enchanted Wood, The Faraway Tree, The Folk of the Faraway Tree etc. I've also read it to my kids. Thanks for the inspiration, now I know what I can do for future birthday cakes!



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