Monday, May 9, 2011


I am so grateful that we now have central heating and our home is warm.  I am grateful we will be seeing our besties tonight and celebrating birthdays.  I am grateful to follow this blog and meet this new blog I love.

I am grateful that our living room is taking shape and the views of the tree's are better than ever.  I am grateful Master S, Miss G and Master J had a wonderful evening roller skating on Friday night with new friends from their blessed school.

I am grateful Miss G is loving creating too. She made 'Teddy' for Master J - it is a heat pack 'Teddy' (named after Mr Bean's teddy 'Teddy'.

 I am grateful that we may have some answers to help Master S and his school work.  I am quite the anti-technology mama - but it seems there are some benefits.  We don't have tv reception we don't do gaming consoles.  But it looks like an ipad could be wonderful for my boys.  It so goes against my grain; but I have been doing lots of reading and we will give it a go!  Check out this and this.

Much love Rach xo


  1. Oh your sweet, sweet son! I love that he loves baseball. I pray that he will be blessed by it. I bet it is the perfect sport for him, becuase there is a team element, but also kind of individual.

    YAY! We don't have TV either (well, we have a tv for movies, but no channels) and I would love to not do video games when my kid(s) get older.I hope I can stick to it!

    Your daughter is such an amazing crafter. I would love to have a daughter one day and create with her. She seems so sweet!


    (p.s. I'm glad we're blog friends SO far away!)

  2. Hey beautiful Rach,

    The Ipad sounds fantastic. I hope that it meets all your expectations and more. I am much the same when it comes to technology, i try to limit my kids exposure. Tyson gets half an hour a day of screen time at home, but it seems like everyone else is against me when he goes elsewhere. It seems like when he is at other people's houses all he does is play DS, Wii, computer or watch t.v. Oh well, i control what i can.

    I am grateful for my wood fire. It is the most awesome heat and it really works wonders to warm our home. Their is nothing like snuggling down in front of it for a relax before bed.

    I am also grateful for my new found and continuously growing skill - knitting. It makes my day to just be able to sit and knit for a little while. I especially love to be able to give my kids the finished product at the end.

    Much love to you and your family.




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