Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I can do it

I have just been on the telephone to the University support person about my breakdown over finishing the last four assignments in the next two weeks.  She was so lovely - what a blessing someone gets paid to work for a University to talk to people like me on the phone who are not coping!  Why she asked am I studying four subjects - mmmmm - maybe I thought I could do it.  But I can't.  So that is that, hopefully I will get all the work in and done.

To take my mind of my brain shutting down, I allowed it do drift off to the hum of my sewing machine.  Look what I came up with!  I may make myself one I think.

These are made from 100% repurposed woolen jumpers (sweaters/jerseys) and are sooooo cute!  They are in my store now.

So I am telling myself I can do it with my University work.  If I get an extension on two essays - then only four weeks to go and I am done for a while.  Next semester - one subject will be more than enough I say!

It's cold, rainy and kind of cosy here - I am awaiting the arrival of my slippers - then I will be nice and toasty.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Oh Rach, I still have nightmares occasionally about having too many uni deadlines looming - the anxiety of that, all those years ago, must have really made quite an impression on my brain! I think one subject sounds like plenty, for someone who has a family and business, a new house and needs some time for herself too.

  2. Hey Rach,

    Sounds like you took alot on this term. I am sure that you will find a way to manage it. You are a super woman in your own right after all. :)

    I am feeling like a flailing super mum at the moment as Ash is sick, Phoenix is whingey and whiney and i am struggling to get Tys out the door and to school on time these last few days. The lack of sleep is not helping at all. But we will make it through.

    Love the skirts.

    Talia xx

  3. Oh I remember those days of endless essays all too well, but you CAN do it :) and you will.

    Isn't crafting an excellent distraction, these are adorable.

  4. Yes, Rachel. You CAN do it. Carolyn is an amazing woman. I met her at Orientation at the start of the year. She has such a heart for caring for students in need of encouragement. She is very wise.

    I think one subject is a great way to go, for you, at this point in time. You've had some huge changes this year and they have had an impact in ways you probably didn't expect and could never have predicted.

  5. I'm sorry your classes have been overwhelming. Cute projects, I've never looked at your store before, very cool!

  6. Those are so sweet! Sorry you've been feeling overwhelmed with your classwork. Yep, you can do it. Glad you're taking some time to do some sewing and get your mind off the deadlines and overwhelm. Hugs to you.

  7. Cute skirts, Rachel. As for the university stuff, I think just going to college is a huge learning process. Not the classes but the experience. I learned a ton about how I work and succeed through that time. I learned coming out that I was not the person I thought I was going in.



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