Thursday, May 26, 2011

more grey skies

I love that cosy winter feeling when I have a mission.  When I don't have a mission the dark cloud sets in my mind and I feel not so great.  You know what I mean?  Do you get that?

I was just reading this blog and was kind of glad to hear someone else share's those feelings.  Tell me, what do you do when it is cold, rainy and home-bound weather to have that Spring and Summer spark back?

I am feeling good at the moment with my essay writing keeping my mind busy, focussed and quite entertained.  I have placement for three weeks full time in a close by primary school that pioneered Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden program - so I am quite excited.  I wonder how I will feel though by the end of the school holidays when I've had the kids home for two weeks and no full time study.

So to prevent what has often repeated history with the winter blues - I want your suggestions to get me through the rest of this cold, wet and grey season.

Here are some of the bits of preparedness I have been taking to try and prevent the dark cloud from setting.

I ordered myself this book after a lovely friend suggested I'd love it.  This is Master S's flower garden, thinking and planning Spring planting is exciting.  Albeit the 1/2 acre of land we moved to, he did not want to plant anything in the ground.

Now for a little update on the renovation progress.  The kitchen is coming slowly - but we have new stools and can utilise the island bench now.  

I've organised the entrance way to the house.

The view from the front door is a bit embarrassing if we have a visitor at the moment.  However the more rubbish we throw out means the better the inside is looking!  Please excuse the laundry trough!  This pile of crap rubbish is headed for the hard rubbish collection pile.

And lastly I just had to show you this; my little man who avoided all writing and fine motor is taking off in full flight.  He is a mathematician aswell I have discovered.  Master J has just turned six.

Master J's "times table" unaided and unprompted, self-motivated work.

Please let me know what you do to take the blues away so I don't get them in a few weeks time!

Much love Rach xo


  1. This is really the first year that I have been really dreading winter so im not sure im much help with ideas, other than stepping outside in the cold, all rugged up and go walking(without kids preferably) :). I find fresh air a real head clearer. Look at yr little man, I love his maths work, all done unaided, WOW!!! FANTASTIC !!!!Keep plugging away on those assignments, AMAZING STUFF Rach xo Soooo love yr blogs, and yr guest blogger was super too.

  2. Hi Rach! Congrats on the placement, what a great opportunity. This might be the first winter I might not feel the blues because we're in a new place on a farm so more space and sunlight. Our old place was cold and dark and that is hard to shake. I noticed your lovely big oven/stove...? How about trying out new recipes (from Stephanie Alexander? haha) on there so you're warming up the body too. That's something you could do on your own or with the kids.

  3. I should walk Mel, but it is so cold!!!

    Cooking is a great idea Jacinta - my men probably won't eat my creations because of the unfamiliarity. Maybe I will chose someone each couple of days to bless and cook for them!

    Thanks lovelies xo

  4. I do hope your day is improving.. thank goodness for a little sunshine here. Perhaps we needed a little vitamin d :)
    I hope your placement goes well.My kids school is in the SAKG program and it is such a wonderful program for them. I used to volunteer in the kitchen before Violet, and the food was amazing.
    I have read "The shop on Blossom Street" and found it a pleasant, easy read. Much like knitting itself actually.

  5. I am dreading Summer, it is already so hot here, I do not know how to survive till September. If you have Winter blues, I have Summer blues!

  6. Rach, I think you should prepare some things for the up and coming St G's market. It would be great to have some of your things for sale there! I'm not great when I can't get some outside time each day, so I do try to at least wander the garden and check all the fruit trees. If you want some more inspiration and a chance to put your early childhood skills into practice, you would be VERY welcome to come and help out with the Munchkins Playgroup at St G's on Thurs and Fri mornings 9:30 -11:30... We'd love to have you there!

  7. I have read that book and liked it very much. That will be something to "get lost in" for a little while. I love all the windows in your home--all that light. I do enjoy your blog so much!

  8. My best tip is to head up north or overseas. Truly, we've spent one winter holiday in Cairns and one in Colorado Springs. Summer in the middle of winter is magnificent. But not a do-able thing every year or all winter long :(

    I'm not really sure how to beat the winter blues either. I've only noticed it myself in the last year or two and it wasn't til the sun shone in Spring that I realised what I was feeling. I'm thinking maybe some fires in our fireplace, good books and stiching might be the antedote for me. I love Cinderberry Stitches designs. They always make me happy.

    And cooking. Perhaps your reluctant men could choose a recipe that would like you to cook. And perhaps the little men could cook with you. It doesn't have to be super adventurous, it just has to be good for you guys. Me...I'm looking forward to a few weeks of enjoying cooking dinner again, after my exam on the 6th.

    Ooohhh...cuppas with friends is always a day-brightner.

  9. What a mess!
    Get that lazy husband of yours to get off his lightning backside and clean up the place.

    You have been in the house for 4 months now and the kitchen has not even been finished yet. I don't believe it.

    Hope your well Squiggly chick!



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