Sunday, May 1, 2011

needing calm

Since we have sent the children to an independent school - they have had extra holidays.  Tomorrow they will return after the Easter break.  Currently as I type this my hands are jittering from anxiety.  Master's S and J are harassing me to play computer games.  Master S is still very unwell and coughing beyond belief.  Miss G wanted to go to church, so she is arriving home soon with friends.  Mister Dream Come True is on night shift.  I am so excited to have some me time in about a month once I have handed in my final four essays for the semester.  Then I think I will defer the rest of the year and get my head full of peace and joy and calmness.  Do you think that would be possible?

Once again - my Squiggly Sunday post has to be delayed - I have no head space at the moment.  Don't you hate it when you can't escape your own head?

My sewing machine will disturb the sleeping husband and neglect the kidlets.  We may pop outside to do some raking of gum leaves and pile them on our new flower gardens.  The children each have planted out their own flower gardens, ready for spring bulbs to bloom.  Master S was getting overwhelmed about our move - wanting to go back to the old house.  I felt guilt - what is with that mother guilt?  My aim to get them planting was a bit symbolic too in planting their own roots in our new environment.

I popped some bits and pieces in my new online shop.  I would love to hear what you would like to see in the shop?  Please let me know!

Love and jittering to you Rach xx


  1. Darling Rach, praying much that the noise in your head and in the house will quieten down this coming week....I think deferring uni for the rest of this year IS possible if it is going to work for your family - mother guilt - does it EVER go away??? My M was off to his first footy match this morning and I was feeling rather guilty for not going. Its a M and dad thing and seeing as he spends weekends at his dad's there should be no guilt attached BUT ther it loomed large and loud when I woke up!!! I love your idea re the kids planting roots in the new garden - I think given time this will help them to be & hugs, TK xx (ps - off to check out your shop and see what I spy!)

  2. Hi Rach! thanks for your comments. I do indeed live around the corner (kinda) from your old place. But sorry I can't help out your friend as I actually go to a church up closer to the city. They are friendly there though so perhaps your friend might want to go visit and see what she thinks. xo

  3. What a fantastic idea - giving your children their own flower bed to plant and nurture. Absolutely inspired Rach, and I really believe that when we have someone/something else to care for, it settles us down a bit. I hope it helps to settle Master S in to his new home.

  4. ooooo! Cute blog! I am glad I stumbled upon!


  5. Darling, isn't it a pity that we can not unscrew our heads and get them fixed?
    Thanks for your kind words, you are such a nice person.



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