Tuesday, May 24, 2011

remember the days

The second of my four essays due this Friday is almost finished.  I have an extension on the final two for another ten days.  Whewww!  Today I was thinking of a quick blog fix, to say hi and let you all know I am still here.  I have no new photo's to share - albeit many delightful things to share.  Flat batteries and essays prove to highlight the inability at the moment to play photographer.

My current essay is discussing the positive behaviour of a classroom.  As I am yearning to be an early years teacher, primarily kindergarten - it has reignited the flame I was losing.  It is great to remember why I am studying.  I have a passion and I am excited to follow this journey - even though it may need to slow down at times.

So I thought I'd share a few old blogs, one of my first and some early Squiggly days!

Also if you missed last Sundays post - check it out.  We had our first guest blogger - Yaga from The Shiny Bubble.  It was delightful to read part of her story - I hope she will do another guest blog for us one day!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Goodluck with your essay writing, and now you have a bit more time to get things done hopefully you don't feel as pressured. Studying is a long journey sometimes a bit tricker being a Mum at the same time but it will be worth all of that work and effort especially when you will be doing something you love when your finished. xo

  2. Ahhh...yep. It's nearly 11pm and I'm still working on my dreaded numeracy assignment! It's coming together a little better tonight. Now if only I could concisely articulate what I've learnt through the task and the wider unit!!!

    It's good to hear that your current essay is helping to remind you of goals and to lift you from the quagmire that multiple essays create. Keep plugging away!!!!

  3. When you mention 'essay writing' all I can think of is pulling all nighters and running to beat deadlines. May your essays write easily and beautifully. May there be much sleep involved...

  4. Hi, Rachael! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I've missed your blog and seeing what you've been up to. Glad to hear that you're getting fired up about what you're studying. I know it's been stressful at times.

    Best to you! Good luck with your essay!



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