Thursday, June 30, 2011

day 10

Day 10, 5 to go.  One day until placement finishes for the term and then I have three weeks off with my babes.  As I type Miss G and Master S are sitting drawing together - inspired by their new Lyra pencils.  Miss G concedes these pencils are so wonderful that they make her want to draw (something she has not found much joy in until now).  Well worth it I say.

I am delighting in reading my new book; Festivals with Children.  It discusses ways in which to celebrate the Christian festivals through the year with creative and nature inspired ideas for children and family.

The morning drive to my school is beautiful, especially on these last few sunny mornings.  The sun has peaked through the trees and reminded me of Spring!  I thought I'd show you - and I also snapped a few pictures of the Stephanie Alexander garden for you to see!

I feel like taking a gingham lined basket of goodies and a lovely blanket and sitting under these trees... I wonder if the owner would mind?  Or maybe these could be the first in this project I want to do with my kidlets.

Here's the school's veggie patch.

This is my favorite little village town in the hills I have decided.  I am also considering trying my hand at markets... what do you think?  Will just keep my eye on the lovely one in this little village to start with.

My parcel arrived with more Noro yarn to finish off the skirt I am knitting.  I also received my final assignment back, I am happy to settle for two credits and two distinctions.  HD's are just not that necessary are they?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Wow blitzed those assignments in my estimation. Great job! I passed my exam with a CR. Very exciting!

  2. I say go for it with the markets :)

    Isn't that vegie patch awesome...if only I had the space and knowledge to have one like that.

    Congrats on your assignments and happy holidays to you all


  3. We don't have a whole lot of luck with our vegie garden, need to do some more research specific to our area, I think. The school garden looks inspirational, I especially love the bicycle wheels :)

  4. Aren't Lyra pencils the best? They colour like the rainbow says my Small...

  5. WOW - awesome effort with those assignments I say, we have been warned to just expect a 'Pass' with ours, they do not give out too many Credits, Distinctions or High Distinctions!!!! so I guess if I see a 'P' I will be over the moon!!! Love your piccies of the drive to school and then that vegie garden, just delightful. What a wonderful place to do your placement, Hugs to you, TK xx

  6. wow, these pencils look awesome! I must say, I'm a bit jealous ^^



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