Thursday, June 16, 2011

day 3

Kids are in bed, hubby is in bed, it's 7:48pm and I am soon to follow.  Apart from this silly head cold and full sinuses, my day went well.  The supervising teacher is a blessing from above, so kind and she is a great teacher.

The kids were interesting.  One of the more challenging grades in the school apparently.  With my motherly opinion and novice training - I am estimating at least two kids on the autism spectrum.  There is a diagnosed sensory defensive with ADHD student, and numerous children  in dysfunctional homes.  All in all, they are a bunch of cuties - but some in need of lots of love.  It is pretty sad really.  I am so thankful to be blessed with a great husband and our children's lives are blessed.

Only three kidlets were absent after their return from school camp, the other's had to suck it up I guess.  I think about my Master J who is the same age - and I cannot fathom sending him to school the day after returning home from Grade 1 camp!

On a positive note, the children in the class could focus their activeness with some maths activities.  They were great - some activities that I had never seen before.  I took some pics so you could see!

A little engineer built this great pirate ship.  Chickpeas that have been soaked overnight and toothpicks!  I know what my Master S will be doing this weekend.  The kids also built towers with newspaper and masking tape.

Here is a picture of the teacher dress (as I call it) - I bought from Esprit.  These pictures are especially for TK at Tiffany's Writing Compendium.

Okay, this is obviously not me, this in the online version, my dress has long sleeves and I have teamed with with a cotton jumper and scarf, leggings and my tan boots.  Here I am.... Me after a long day with my slippers and a throbbing head!  Very glam!  And Milly is watching out of her new cat bed - isn't it cute?

I am feeling far from a model and hoping I feel better tomorrow - or I might have to call in sick.  Can  you do that on teaching rounds?  Will figure it out in the morning and see how I am fairing!

Much love to you - Rach xo


  1. Looks like Milly is enjoying her strawberry

  2. is this the really expensive dress you bought??? Totally worth it & I must say I think the second model far outshines the first one!!! slippers & all.....I have these grey with red dots slipper things I grabbed on special last week at Sussan & now I can't get them off my feet!!! Here is hoping you feel TONS better tomorrow! TK xx (ps - there is no way I could accomplish that model!!)

  3. Hey Rach. Your outfit is fantastic! I love the colours amidst the drabness of today's weather. I hope it was nice and warm as well. I'm discovering today, the warmth of leggings under a skirt. A new discovery for me, thanks to advice from Master J's teacher. She's far more on the fashion ball than me!

    I hope you're not so unwell that you need take time off. Make sure you look after yourself. You can call in sick, but you'll need to make up the day(s) as soon as possible. Check the Professional Experience website ~ it's all there.

    Hugs and prayers for you :)

  4. Hey Rach, I'm glad your supervisor is nice. It can really stand and fall with these people. Hoping you'll get better soon!

  5. Loven the slippers...a true photo shoot.



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