Friday, June 24, 2011

day 6

My camera is playing up - which means no photo's.  Oh dear - I am missing being snap happy.

We did some cooking yesterday in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen.....  Check out there great rescued bicycle wheel climbing frame for beans and peas.

We could not use the garden, as it is specifically licensed for Grades 3 to 6.  We had our own ingredients and broke up into groups of 4 to 5 kids and the different kitchen stations.  The few that are so hard to engage in the classroom were thoroughly engaged through their tactile 'play'.  Perhaps it was having a more meaningful experience.  It was local heroes day and the Grade 1's put on an afternoon tea for Parents (yes, we are heroes), the Police, Park Rangers and CFA got a mention too!

Master J is up and having a cuddle, so bye for now.  Here is a great site full of beautiful artwork you might like too.

Rach xo


  1. oh I so love that bike frame climbing rail......truly arty and creative!! A friend of mine is a teacher here in Adelaide and her school is one of the Stephanie Alexander garden ones and she tells me the whole kitchen and concept is just fantastic!!! My little M who gets easily distracted with reading/writing etc so loves anything more tactile - it truly proves that we all learn differently doesn't it. How blessed you are having these lovely experiences for your prac teaching, TK xx

  2. oh wow, sounds like a wonderful day Rachael!
    garden looks amazing and such an inspirational program.



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