Saturday, June 25, 2011

grateful and loving - being a mumma

I am always grateful and loving my family - but being away from them during my teaching experience highlights it even more.  Miss G played photographer last night, as I modeled another teacher outfit (we are inspired by Jacinta).

I am grateful I have been blessed to be a full-time mum and raise my children.  I am grateful we have chosen simplicity instead of keeping up with the Jones'.

I found a blog this week.... when I have more time it is one I will follow more closely.  It's called Running Away from the Jones' and is all about just that - having a simple life and being grateful for family.

I am grateful we choose the simple life, rather than rushing around, both parents working paid jobs.... and what for?  To feed a shopping addiction?  To go on fancy holidays?  To not be there for my kids?  I flicked through this book in the classroom, and felt thankful that I am doing something right.  I make lots of mistakes, but I know that love and time are priceless.  Kids are only kids once.  I am grateful my situation has allowed me to be here, that my husband also values family.

I have only worked six full time days with my teaching placement... Home to the kids at about 5:30.  Then to cook dinner, clean up after the cat and kids, then some family time.  How do you fit motherhood into 2 hours a night?  I don't know.

I am grateful for the tantrums, for the piles of washing, seeing the tears, having cuddles, knowing my kids.  I know my kids.  I have been there, every day, except for the rare time off to go to bed early to have me time, or an odd weekend away with hubby or the many doctor appointments tag-teamed with Mister DCT, well pretty much every day.  I am not saying that I am super-woman, I am not.  I just value my role as a mumma. Maybe it is being a mumma to children with special needs.  It opens your eyes to a whole new world of gratefulness.

And the sun is shining here!  It's going to be a great day.  Master J is off to his very first AFL game with Daddy and Master S and their besties.

Here's some more grateful and loving reading to brighten your day.

Outfit:  Thrifted skirt
             Hand-me-down cardigan from a lovely friend
             Re-soled RED boots
             long-sleeve tee from Just Jeans
             red polka dot ribbon care of Miss G
Much Love Rach xo


  1. I LOVE THIS POST... it totally rings true for me. Family first. Always.
    Fancy cars, big new houses, pricey holidays, latest gadgets... they really aren't that important. Especially when you have a young family who thrive on attention, love and time together.
    We are also very lucky to be able to live on one income and me stay home. We don't have many things and although it is hard to look at others and wonder why they have this or that while we dont, at the end of the day, we have made a lot of sacrifices now, but later on we'll be able to relax and enjoy our life.
    And I totally LOVE this outfit. I can see myself wearing it too. Boo yeah with the model stances baby! hehe xo

  2. Thanks Honey xxx It is hard to see other families and what they have and do... but you are right - the long term reward and joy of raising happy kids far outweighs it! xx

  3. Great post! I was a full time working mom when I had 2 kids and it felt impossible to mother in 2 hours each night. I was that I am a SAHM with 3 I treasure every minute (for the most part) this time can not be given back. It is priceless. Through prayer and hard work my husband and I have managed on one income. We have nothing fancy just simple things to fill the need. I get made fun of by my friends because I do not have a minivan but have 3 kids. I tell is paid for and the kids actually love sitting next to each other (without even a DVD, gasp!) Sorry I am rambling...just thought I would tell you great post!!

  4. I had a conversation with Daniel just last night about me being a stay at home mum, lol. Sometimes i feel as though he resents that i do not do paid work. Turns out i was wrong, he is happy with our situation and i am so grateful. All of my friends are working mums and i do not envy them one little bit. I love my kids, i want to be there for my kids and i want to be the one who raises them. And it is such a struggle to do that with limited time on your hands.
    Hugs to you Rach.
    Talia xx

  5. oh this is so so true......I worked as a single mum for a long time and poor M was dropped off 1st thing to care and then picked up late at night EVERY DAY......I eventually wore myself is so nice to be in a space to be there for mum was always around for us and I so valued that. My parents have continually said "what your child needs is your time"...VERY TRUE!!! No money can buy that.
    Shaun & I can't keep up with Jones' so we are not going to even try it....too stressful! TK xx
    ps - love this thrifted skirt etc etc...very sweet teachers outfit I say! xx (going to check out that blog too sounds fabulous)

  6. Lovely outfit. Totally agree it is good to not keep up with everyone else and be true to yourself.

  7. Oh I hear you Rachael....I am so very thankful for being able to be a full time mama. We have only ever lived on one income and try to keep things as simple as possible, sure we don't have everything but we are happy and that means alot more in my books.

    Love your red boots!


  8. GREAT outfit, Rach. Perfect for lots of scenarios.

    I am so glad that you have found the balance you need in your family. I guess that balance is different for everyone and we need to remember that we are ALL 'full time' mummas, regardless of secondary occupations! x

  9. There isn't a more important (and maybe less appraised)job than being a full time Mother. When I gave up my full time work to raise 4 kids, (stupid) people told me: and now how do you spend your days?
    It is a good choice to be with your children, you will never regret it. You see the difference when kids are followed by a SAHM, and when they are adults they will understand and be grateful (hopefully!).

  10. Yes Rach!!!! The thing I have grieved over during placement is missing my kids while I've been at another school. I miss my cuddles with Mr Busy in the midst of busy classroom life. I miss having Miss Mischief launching herself at me in the playground...and having her friends hug me too. I miss the quick conversations with Miss Sunshine's friends, and the fact that Miss Sunshine can come and find me and vent some frustration so she can keep going with her day.

    I miss my kids! I didn't realise how much I have been appreciating til I've had to go somewhere else. I don't think I could do it as a permanent thing. Working in your own kids' school ~ the perfect balance!

    Oh...and getting home late and getting into all the home stuff is much easier when the kids are old enough to jump in and do some of it themselves. Having my two girls share cooking this semester has been like gold.

  11. Love! Your outfit is awesome - especially your boots!



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