Wednesday, June 22, 2011

he loves green

Day three of time off 'work' with our winter cold.  Master S and Miss G are home today too.  They are having a resting day and doing a bit of 'homeschool' together.  Master S is writing his first epic novel on the ipad; Miss G is the illustration assistant fiddling with photo applications to insert into the novel.  We chatted this morning about Master S's novel, he was so pleased with himself.  To get him writing so much with pen and paper would be like pulling teeth and take the poor lad a good few hours.  He typed up an introduction and half of his first chapter in about 20 minutes.  I think we have a break through!

Yesterday I began knitting Master S his fingerless mitts.  We are loving our close-by yarn shop in Sassafras.  I allowed the boys to chose their yarn for mitts and a beanie - I tried to influence their choice - to no avail.  Master S continues to choose green.  I remember when he just under two, we were shopping for a lunch box for him to take to Early Intervention.  I naturally always chose blue - I like blue.  He spoke some of his first words; "green".  He wanted a green lunch box.  Green is clearly his favorite colour - bordering on obsession.

He still chooses green lunch boxes.

He chose some green yarn to knit these, ravelled here (just changed the wrist border to rib).

We had to paint his bedroom wall the same green as the old house before moving into our 'Simple Life' house.

This was the old bedroom...  (the home-made bean bag had to be green too - I managed to incorporate polka dots!)

He still wears his green beanie his Gran knitted him when he was 4 - albeit not everywhere these days...

... just to bed.

All in all, green is probably one of the most common colours in the world - it's all I can see from our windows.  I had best go, Master S is beckoning me to finish the other mitt!

I found this wonderful website this morning - so excited to check it out some more when I have time.  Thought you might like it too.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. is it any wonder he loves green.....its very calming.....hope you all get better really soon, stay safe, cosy & warm, hugs to you, TK xx

  2. There's no influencing my children either when it comes to colour choices :)
    Hope your household is better soon.


  3. Green is a nice, pleasant, relaxing colour. My first son was obsessed with orange!

  4. Green is my favorite color too, so I can understand his afinity for it. :)

  5. Hey, really love your new blog banner! And I think it's very cool that your Master S has such a strong taste of his own. ;o)



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