Monday, June 27, 2011

I wonder

I am about half way through placement and I wonder what the future holds.  Will I be a teacher?  I love kindergarten - I don't think I love school.  I love kids on the spectrum.  The Autism spectrum that is for any new readers.  Maybe I should just be an assistant somewhere - but I will keep going - I am thinking long term.  I am a young mum, Miss G may have flown my coop in a good 10 years and I will only be 43 then.

Next semester with one subject, some time in my own children's classrooms and keeping my kids home maybe a day each week for some extra time to explore and do a bit of home-school is on the cards.

It feels very much like crowd control in my Grade 1 class of 6 and 7 year olds.  This is meant to be one of the better schools too.  It is really a bit sad and disheartening.  The more I think of it and see the wonderful supervisor I have who works so hard, to maintain children whose parents are going through separation, children who aren't getting enough sleep, children who are not even taught basic manners... it feels like I should spend more time with my kids.

What have you been up to today?  Any creating happening?  My weekend was spent knitting a skirt for my darling Miss H (my besties daughter who has not worn any type of frock for a good few years).  Miss H spotted a knitted skirt at my favourite yarn shop and stated if Aunty Rach knitted it she would wear it!  So - how privileged do I feel?  I am awaiting time to purchase the second skein to finish it off, but it looks great and I can't wait to photograph Miss H modelling it!  Here is a pic of the yarn Miss H chose.

Much Love Rach xx


  1. I think no matter where your heart leads you Rachael you will be a real assest to any teacher/class/child you cross paths with.

    Having your children home for one day a week next term sounds delightful..I am so enjoying having two of ours homeschooling.

    Can't wait to see your completed skirt.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  2. You'll be a fab teacher Rach. It sounds like we're thinking of similar things at the moment - half of me would love to homeschool Doots. The other half is frightened that if I pull her out, she'll never fit back in. I totally agree with Tammi's comment - asset - that sums you up perfectly!

    Love that yarn by the way.

  3. It's so interesting hearing lots of different schooling experiences. I guess we can all just try out some options and hope that we find a solution that suits us comfortably. I like to have my kids home with us for at least one day a week. And I'm looking forward to having them on the road for six months but something tells me they wont be slipping back into the system when we return. we'll see. I look forward to following along your adventure too.

  4. Our schools are in a sad state of affairs these days aren't they? It must be very challenging working with not enough staff and children not getting the attention they need at home. I too have thought of the homeschool option but it is the strong devotion and vision of our school's staff that makes it feel right that the kids are there. If circumstances changed, I would certainly look into it.
    Look forward to seeing that skirt..lovely wool!

  5. what a thought provoking post dearest Rach, funnily enough I have Max home with me this week, back from weekend at dad's and he is a crook chooky, YET I am enjoying the quietness of he and I together (he is too sick to be vocal), doing his phonics stuff and for a brief moment playing a boardgame together. I have always looked at people who homeschool as if they have 2 or more heads and yet.....a comment from a mum at our church who homeschools her 5 left me wondering. Neither she nor her husband had happy memories of their school days. She can't imagine the madness and rush of the early morning trying to get everyone out the door (yep hearing that one & I have 1 child!!)and her kids are balanced social kids who get plenty of social interaction with big wide world they are not dorky weirdos at all!!!! Can you have the option of having your children home 1 day a week??? Is this really possible in mainstream schooling? TK xx

  6. We no longer homeschool. I miss it in many ways but the kids are happy in school and we've found a lovely little school. I taught for many years in small aboriginal schools in the territory and was a little shocked to see that the problems I saw there are in schools here too. Parenting is something so undervalued. The media is very quick to lay the blame of falling standards at the feet of the teachers and schools but reluctant to examine the role of parents. Where our educational system has failed is by placing too much emphasis on providing a workforce for the country and not enough on providing parenting and life skills. Just my point of view :D But I really think if more emphasis was placed on parenting and life skills we as a nation would have less personal debt and better parents.



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