Thursday, June 23, 2011

my creative space & back to school

We are all much better, thanks for your well wishes.  No time to blog this morning in the chaos of getting us all out the door - but......   I have been busting to share my dress with you.

 Because I have very little chest department, I can sometimes fit into the larger sizes of childrens wear.  The price tag is far cheaper too.  I bought myself a gorgeous denim shirt dress, I had been wanting one for a long time.  When I bought it from the kids wear area for $16 at MYER I was thrilled - then to find out it was a tad short.  A trip to spotlight and all is fixed and much improved.  Here is a sneak peak of my creative space this week.....

And check out more inspiration here.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Haha...that's fantastic! I used to do that too (but then I just got too big I think!) Love the photo :) K

  2. Lucky you being able to fit into girls clothes! Looks like a pretty addition to that top too!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I love this pretty fabric problem is quite the reverse of yours.....I have way too MUCH in the chest department (one of the bains of my existence!!!) and so whilst I have been slowly but surely loosing weight and going down clothing sizes my fabulous chest remains...well....fabulously there!!! Glad you are all on the improve, hugs to you today, TK xx

  4. Love the fabric you used and also liking the idea of lengthing something that is a tad too short...very clever :)


  5. What a great idea!!!! I don't have much chest either so I may have to start copying and stalk out the girls section now. Hope you have a good week. xo

  6. aaawh, how cool! I love the look of denim with some bright colors. I'm glad you guys feel better and curious to hear how it is going at school - and to see the rest of the dress! :o)
    take care!

  7. I love a bit of a dress renovation.
    Looking forward to the final reveal.

  8. Good thinking...make the most if you can of such bargains.



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