Thursday, June 9, 2011

my creative space & some thrifting

My latest little project is coming up quite well, I thought I'd add a Scottish and English flag element to this nest of tables.  Very kitsch - I have wondered if another country flag would take the world by storm.  I think it's the colours of the Union Jack that do it and the symmetrical pattern.  I do love it.

Milly is home!  She went on an extended visit and we thought it may have been forever - but what a great gift to have her back.  She took to her new bed just dandilly last night too!

This is our new dining table.  Not brand new, but a thrifted bargain with four boudoir style chairs for $100.  We kept the table and the chairs are in the stall.  We fit around this one a bit better!

Check these girls out.  Their motivation and team work as an up and coming vintage decor business is hitting Melbourne stores this winter.  I love their new cushions!

What are you creating?  I am so looking forward to much more creating and thrifting next semester with only one University subject to study!  Here is some more creative inspiration!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Wow - totally drooling over your tables in the first pic!!

  2. My mother in law has the exact table and the chairs to match (they sound like the boudoir ones you are speaking of. I like the nest of tables - very 'London' style.

  3. A round table makes so much sense. We had one at our old place and I miss being able to squeeze 5 extra people around it for a party.

    The flag tables are terrific. x

  4. They look fantastic. I too am obsessed with the union jack. Think it might be a little bit of nostalgia though being a pom living in oz! Nice work!

  5. I love all of the tables. The flag does make for a great image. I love seeing it in different colourways - never see that with any other flag.

    I adore the round table.. I've been after a solid circular table for years.. but not yet found just the right one..

  6. Those nesting tables look really cool. What a clever idea painting them as flags:) I'm glad your cat came home:) it looks like she was very hungry. I hope she doesn't go wandering again. xo



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