Sunday, June 5, 2011

Squiggly Sunday - Part 4

Mr Dream Come True and Miss G

A bit of a re-wind from part 3.  My yearning to be loved lead to praying, hoping and dreaming of meeting someone when I returned to Australia from Canada, or maybe I had already met them?  We had crossed paths a few times in our lives, had been at the same events at the same time as children - two strangers.

The first night we met I thought he was odd.  He had a girls name, his hair was snow white like Miss G's and he was a tad younger than me.  Mr DCT told me he was going to marry me that first night.  I laughed - I thought he wanted something else that he wasn't going to get that night.  We talked alot that night.  He told me his mum was dying that night.  She passed away 10 days later.  I thought he was interesting.  There was something about him.  We met at a Rotary conference, I was sponsored by Rotary for my exchange to Canada and Mr DCT played in a Rotary youth band.  We lived about an hour apart from each other, 16 and 17 years old.  As the weekend came to an end I knew there was something about this guy and I could not leave without giving him my phone number.  He didn't get the jotted note until many hours later.  That next day he called.  He called the day after that and the day after that.  We finished our final year of high school and he called each day until I moved in with him in the January of 1996. 

Being so young had it's dilemmas.  In a worldly sense - who settles down so young these days?  Almost everyone was against us getting married when Mr DCT realised he needed to buy the milk not get it for free.  Following an impending thought on Mr DCT's mind of playing the field because that is what you do in this world.  He chose the better option and made a proposal of marriage in a way only Mr DCT could "love, we're gonna get married".  What could I say - he was so romantic!  We were 19.  We were living together already.  We had months before experienced a supernatural experience (this will come on another Squiggly Sunday).  We decided to get married as quickly as possible.  I did want the traditional style white dress, bridesmaids, flowers etc - which took time to organise.  It think about it now and if I was then who I am now - it would have been a very relaxed ecclectic styled wedding!  Style is not the be all and end all of a wedding.  We wanted to be joined together in Faith for the rest of our lives.  With very little support from most family and most friends, we were married.

@ this time of night - I'm not going to scan for a good copy - this effect looks kind of cool and you get the picture!

Joy and happiness are the first things that come to mind.  Life felt so free and happy.  Blessed.  Our honey moon was in Tasmania, all I could think of driving through those gorgeous hills was baby, baby, baby.  Mr DCT wasn't quite ready - but it didn't take long.  In those first six months of marriage we worked, enjoyed being at home, went out at our leisure.  Then he was ready.  We became pregnant with Miss G by choice pretty much around my 21st birthday!
All photo's before this huge (it was actually little) belly were not digital, hence the lack of photo's thus far!  Meet Miss G, a dear old friend and Me, five days before the birth, 40 weeks and 4 days!

The birth of our delightful, angelic first darling, Miss G was a dream come true.  Such a blessing, she still is today - I am blessed to be her mother.  Look at Mr DCT - it says it all.  Keep in mind reading this, where I have come from.  I experienced some really interesting moments from other mother's I knew at the time.  Some were almost horrified that we could be happy and resented us for it.  

6lb 7oz.  Miss G.  Aka Princess G.

She started growing.  Motherhood was what I did.  Lots of washing, walks and many visits to the health nurse.  I saw here a few times a week.  I didn't realise babies needed to sleep, something called 'feed, play, sleep'.  Someone eventually told me when Miss G was about 4 months old.  Yay.

I had high hopes.  Miss G was that perfect first child.  She still very much is in some senses today.  A hard task to carry - she fits the category of the firstborn well.  Life was very simple back then.  Life was easy.  I had a touch of post-natal depression, some days were teary - some weren't.  A healthy, happy baby.  Blessed.  Isn't she cute too!?!  She kept growing, developed fast and was super alert.  Star baby, she didn't grizzle, Miss G is Miss G.

She met her best friend.

And turned ONE

Miss G's development amazed me, so clever.  While I was entering into my second year of motherhood; now looking at these photo's I remember returning to my old eating habits.  Or should I say eating disorder.  I would drink a coffee in the morning.  Eat a small lunch.  Then dinner.  I think I must have cut out all sugar too. I did not have freedom in who I was.  I kept remembering my Father's remarks to my mother and step-mother.  I was always fearful my Mr DCT would leave me just as my Father had.  Deep psychological issues with that thought - I have since overcome that.  This continued to take hold of me in the next few years.  Not when I was pregnant though with any of my babies.  I could not hurt them.  They were valuable.  Funny thing was that I didn't see myself as being valuable.  Mister DCT did not even know that I had an eating disorder.

Second Christmas - this is one of my all time favorite shots; taken in Miss G's great-grandparents yard.

I was clucky for our number two.  In the new year we became pregnant with Master S.  All was blissful, normal life to us then.  Five months pregnant with Master S and I look as I did full term with Miss G.

Miss G continued to thrive.  She ate well, sat at the table or high chair and ate various foods, even foods that were mixed together!

One month before Master S was due, we moved in with Mr DCT's Dad and his partner down on the farm.  We were building our first house.  Mr DCT was working long hours, and we lived out of three rooms.  It was good for a while and helped get the building process under way.


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Happy weekend everyone - I am a guest over at The Shiny Bubble Tomorrow!

Much Love Rach


  1. I just love the photo of you holding Miss G and looking up into the camera is one of those priceless be cherished always...TK xx

  2. As always, I am charmed by your writing style. And, of course, by those beautiful photographs of your wonderful little family!

  3. Oh, just lovely Rach. The story , the photos, just SO PRECIOUS. Thanx for sharing, once again

  4. Aww you two looked like little kids having kids! hehe. But at least now you're still young and able to keep up with them. It's so nice to read other's parenting adventures... beautiful. xo

  5. what an exquisite post, lovely lovely lovely :-)

  6. Beautiful photos and memories here Rach. Miss G is such a cutie, and you can see that alert look of a bright spark right from the beginning. Sounds a lot like Mr DCT and your babies have been sent to you from a divine place :)

  7. This is the sort of history that you have to write down! Well done to you for making the time, clever lady.

  8. I remember babysitting Miss G when she was around 1yo! Gorgeous little girl! I had no idea you had such a tumultuous childhood and then the eating disorder as an adult too... I always admired you so much and still do, thank you so much for sharing all of this, it helps to understand the person behind the beautiful smile! Love you for your honesty and know that God has and will bless you all!



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