Sunday, June 19, 2011

Squiggly Sunday Sniffles

Hello all, I am still sniffling and very cold.  Sorry for the lack of a Squiggly Sunday post!  I will give a call out to any of you who would like to be a guest blogger - there is still time for today - or maybe another Sunday?  I would love to invite you to write for my blog!

I finished my cowl this morning.

We have stayed in all day out of the cold.  Actually we have been home all weekend, which is a rarity.  The children have been using the new ipad.  It so goes against my grain to introduce more technology (the computer and occasional television being what they have had monitored thus far).  We decided to make the plunge and order it to support the boys learning.  I am hoping it will especially help my Master S with his grammar and writing tasks.  They have been writing journals today.

This is pretty exciting.  For those of you who knows how Master S struggles with his fine-motor due to dysgraphia - this is a blessing.  Also, if you look closely in the first photo - you will notice the little dots on Master S's ears.  These are one of the diagnostic characteristics of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome - 'ear pits'.  We thought they were cute when he was a new born (we still do) - you know how you check your baby from head to toe to make sure all is okay.  They were one of the first things we noticed!

What have you been up to today?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. I am curled up listening to an audio of a lecture....keeping church message this morning....pondering if soup will be fine with my boys tonight if I also do egg muffins....sending you all hugs, may those sniffles soon depart....hope week 2 on assignment goes well! TK xx

  2. I tlove the new cowl. So very cozy indeed. I'm knitting a series of rings a bit like a knitted necklace. Hopefully it'll fill the same need.

  3. Love the cowl. My son James has dysgraphia too.
    We've had an ipad for awhile and he loves it

  4. Hey Rach, who diagnoses dysgraphia? I wonder if Tyson may have this problem, as verbally he can express himself very well but when writing it is just not anywhere near the same level or standard. He has taken to ad libbing when reading out his work as it is easier for him.
    Talia xx



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