Thursday, June 2, 2011

the sun is shining

We are two days into winter and the Melbourne sun is shining.  The sun has got me dreaming and making lists for all I want to do in our yard this coming Spring.  (Yes, I know it's three months away - but planning and dreaming keeps me focussed on getting through winter!)

I am up to the last of my essays - whewww, thank goodness.  Not much else has been done of late.  Mr Dream Come True (DCT) has been doing the groceries and washing so I can get my writing done.  He even came with me this morning for  a whirlwind stock re-vamp and makeover at the Stall.  It is full at the moment, I am not sure how long it will stay like that!

So my list for Spring goes something like this.  Inspiration and  photo's are care of Pinterest (I momentarily lost my camera this week and am yet to create these beauties in my yard):

I want Mister DCT to build a tree house like this one.

Our chook house is ready for chickens and they must have a bunting around their coop!

I want to make a Tee-Pee like this one for my kids.

I am one of those people who cannot get enough bunting.  So I think I will also put some from tree to tree, perhaps near my apple trees.

A couple of these cute little gates would look so cute near the chickens and my vegie garden.  

I could take my willow weaving to the next level and weave an amazing retreat - what do you think?

If I don't quite master weaving a willow castle, I can definitely make a ribbon swing.  I am in love with this simple idea!  Isn't it cute and so simple.

Hope your week is blessed, we may be getting our chickens this Saturday.  I am busy thinking about names, at the moment Mabel and Clementine are great contenders.  Do you have any suggestions?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Yay, we want to get some chickens soon too but first up hubby needs to make a coop because there is a fox here whose been trying to eat our cat!! Imagine if there were chickens roaming free! How about Elsie for a chicken? hehe

  2. Mabel & Clementine are perfect names for chickens.....along with Isadora I think!!! A friend of mine emailed me earlier this week re Pinterest and I like the concept but am a bit of a retard as I can't work out what to do!!!!???! (I need a class!!!)My dad made us a treehouse when we were kids on the farm and we spent so much time was our castle in the trees and was magnificent!!! Glad you are getting through the workload, I am having a slight freakout here re studies.....TK xx

  3. congrats on getting through all your school work.i am super impressed that your brain still works so well after babies. gorgeous inspiration pics. i have yet to work out what pintrest is. might have to look into it. and i'm no help with the chookens. with 1600 we stopped naming ours a while back. x

  4. those pics just made me plum happy. hope i can figure out how to pin them. i'm so not techy!

  5. So Mr. DCT is doing groceries and washing, another Australian husband is doing the ironong...should I ever marry again I wand an Australian husband!



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