Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have two days left of my placement at the lovely school in the little hills village town.  I have made new connections this week.  I have connected with the boys who do not engage with their teacher.  I have engaged with them today.

The stall is looking great at The Vintage Shed, albeit stocks being very low after a busy couple of weeks.  Time to get back to thrifting and creating once placement is finished.  One subject this semester will allow me to get back to motherhood, creating and gardening.  I can't wait.

I have enjoyed this week so much - I think it is because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  One of the biggest things I am learning during my teaching placement how vital our role is as a parent.  At times I have doubted my efforts and role as a mother.  I have wondered if my kids even care if I read them a story.  Do they care that I sit and draw with them?  Do they care that we garden together?  I no longer doubt these treasures.  Yes, treasures.

I realise more than ever, our time with our children is fundamental in their own learning.  I still read picture books to Miss G and Master S.  They are aged almost 12 and almost 10.  It is irreplaceable, the lessons learned, the knowledge communicated, the love shared.

What have you been reading to your kidlets this week?  Here are a few of what we have been reading....

The other books are out of print and I cannot find a picture for you, we have been enjoying some vintage children's literature too.

An update on Teri-Lynn, there is no news on a family for her - however the funds raised in the last week will cover most, if not all of the costs associated with rescuing her.

I received another email today from the lady representing the Victorian government's inter-country adoptions.  Currently, as it stands, there is not an active group in Australia pursuing changes to our inter-country adoption laws.  It has been assumed by the Australian government, according to my correspondence with this representative, that foreign countries are improving their care of orphans; hence the reduction of adoptions taking place by Australian families.  In the last two years, Australian inter-country adoptions have halved.  I may not be an official representative of adoption statistics, however my reading has shown that the number of orphans in this world surely indicates their is a need for rescuing innocent babes.  And our adoption rate has halved?  We have no group advocating for inter-country adoption law changes?  I will keep you updated on more information - I have one last group to contact to determine if they have information on current active groups lobbying in Australia.  Bare with me as I finish my teaching placement this week and I will let you know of further progress!

Much Love Rach xo

P.S. - don't forget to tell me what you are reading this week xo

Friday, July 22, 2011


Grateful today to have made a bunting for the chooklets with my beautiful Miss G.

Grateful for so many kind words of people reading this blog over the last few days.  You have blessed me abundantly.

Grateful that this blog has touched so many.

Grateful that I had an extra week school holidays with my babes.

Grateful that the sun was shining all day!

Much Love Rach xo

on my mind

Many of you have read my previous blog posts over the last few days.  I am in contact with a representative from the Australian government and various wonderful friends who share a similar feeling regarding our stringent adoption laws.

When I see pictures of darlings like Teri Lynn, and I can do nothing but pray for her.  I cannot open my home to her or the millions around the globe like her.  I feel powerless.

That is what is on my mind today.

Much Love Rach xo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

fish, flowers, family & creating

So I mentioned I would show you the latest treasures heading to The Vintage Shed this weekend. I have been pre-occupied with study, placement and essays in the way of updating stock for the stall.  I am now back on a roll!

It has been so much fun creating and realising what I really love doing more than ever.  This book stand is my favorite at the moment... it looks great with vintage RED books too!

I love, love, love Dick Bruna and was ecstatic to come across these vintage prints.  I teamed them with simple white frames and they look just lovely.

I have been doing some more decoupage and decorated this plain planter with some Italian paper of vintage Italian postcards.  Quite quirky!

We popped some fish in the pond.  Then took some creative shots around the garden unveiling another colourful treasure I found budding.

Excuse the cobwebs!  The tops of the Camellia's out the front we can see from The Window.  So pretty - a vibrant red

I thought I would show you some nice aspects of the yard (the back yard is a disaster zone at the moment).

I can't wait to drop the treasures off to the stall - I am dreaming of some more quirky upcycled designs!

More creative inspiration is here.  If you missed yesterdays blog, it is here.  I was informed by the authorities today that there is no agreement between Australia and Russia.  The Australian government is now recognising that there may be perhaps a need to have an adoption agreement with Russia.  Oh, you think?  Over one million orphans.  Just a slight need.  Principalities and Powers people.  I am trying not to be raged.

Much Love Rach xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreams coming true

So many wonderful things happened today.  A midst spending a wonderful day with the children in the garden and it being yarn along day.

We put in our garage sale fish pond purchase from months ago... only to find it leaked, so lined it with plastic. The moss covered rocks around the yard were wonderful for laying around the edges.  Now to plant out foxgloves and birch trees.

Reading a favorite blog that made me think and pray and hope all day.  To read about one particular child that like so many others, has reached the age of 5 years old and has been transferred from an orphanage to a mental asylum for adults because she has special needs.  To read that this darling is without a home and now looks like a prisoner of war within a matter of weeks.  To read that her life is now confined to a cot, a shaved head, facing starvation and strong tranquilising drugs to reduce the amount of care she needs.  To think that our Australian adoption laws prevent many in this country from offering a home for a tortured child.  Leaves me feeling trivial.  This is Teri Lynn before she was institutionalised into the mental asylum just over 3 weeks ago, followed by the recent photo taken just days ago.  She is only five years old.


The Mr DCT and I had a squabble before embarking upon a gorgeous new discovery in a close-by town.  A gorgeous organic cafe.  As I sat in the car pondering why we at times speak unkind words to each other - I snapped where the rest of the family were sitting and waiting for me.  Knowing we are human, and we make mistakes - I still feel guilty when I think and pray for babes like this little girl.

The colour of this moss reminds me of the jumper ravelled here (not as to plan as I hoped with my first ever attempt at knitting in the round) I am knitting for Master J.  We were investigating moss closely today after building the fish pond.... it seemed to be everywhere we looked.

We loved this tree on the way to the library this afternoon. 

 So many great books, I have opened up one of the self-sufficiency books first, and am off to be now to read my first Tim Winton novel.  I had to get some on chickens for Master J and found just the one I had in mind.

Night, night.  Please pray for this darling girl who needs a family to care for her.  Tomorrow I will show you new stock headed for the Vintage Shed - a gorgeous book stand and some other delights!

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey there Delilah

There are so many treasures beginning to bloom in my garden.  Part of moving to an existing home rather than building are all the surprises in the yard.  We have about 10 Camellia Trees, 8 Rhododendrons and many bulbs sprouting all over the place.  This is the first that has flowered, a gorgeous pale pink Camellia.  I don't know what the bulbs are going to be - it is feeling like someone has given me little gifts all through our yard.

A dream of mine came true yesterday.  We have our first chooklets.  Isa Browns were our preference for this first time chicken raising familiy.  I cannot wait until we extend our chicken family to different breeds of chickens!

They are just getting used to their bedroom this week, but will be free range in our yard during the day.  We hope to have eggs in about 3 weeks, they are only 13 weeks old.

Miss G named her girl Delilah, Master S named his girl Torchick (after a pokemon chicken character).

This is my Clementine, and Master J's girl named Milo was a little camera shy!

This coop was an ebay bargain of only $100, Mister DCT thought it would be easier than a full day project of sourcing materials and building one ourselves.  I would have liked a quaint looking rustic coop.  I am thinking we need some bunting around the edges and a paint job may be very impractical but would look cute!  Maybe I'll just paint the door!

Miss G snapped a perfectly peachy shot of me and my man - how happy can a girl be - she has chooklets!

Much Love Rach xxo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

have you got the knack?

Dr Seuss has a way with words - Master J just loves mastering tasks in his life.  He get's the knack.  We went rollerskating yesterday - Miss G's class had a holiday get-together.  Master S reclused and chose Daddy time instead.  Master J was determined to get the knack with rollerskating.  Miss G and her friends were so encouraging and helped him between the gaps in the wall.

Miss G loved the feeling of the wind through her hair - the best part of rollerskating I say.  She wore her flowing summer top she wanted last summer.

By the end of the three hours on the rink, Master J had the knack.  He could skate without holding the walls.

I was oh so happy for him.  Happy too that my camera is back in business.  How I missed snapping away.

We went away earlier in the week to my old home town, where I grew up.  I have spent the week knitting my first ever item in the round.  A fisherman's jumper for Master J.  I have not quite got the pattern as per instructions, but am improvising!

A friend's Mum's funeral reminded me of living life to the full.  I wonder what people reading my blog often think.  I am not good at small talk.  I am not good at refraining about sharing what is close to my heart.  Much of what matters to me doesn't seem important to many of this world.  I think about how I blog.  How I should write.  Do I skip the important stuff and become like so many others?

Today we were at our old stomping ground.  A visit to the supermarket before lunch with friends.  I received a tap, tap, tap on my driver's window and was delighted to have a kindergarten Mum track me down in the car-park.  She ran across the lot to see me, and told me she had been reading this blog.  She blessed my heart letting me know she can't wait to read each post.  I didn't really think I could impact or mean much to anyone.  

The truth is, I have a bit of bloggers block at the moment.  This blog started out being a journey of the Squiggly Rainbow stall and clothing label adventures.  It really has transitioned to being a bit of everything that Squiggly Rainbow is.  

Miss G named the clothing range label I make 'Squiggly Rainbow'.  Some have asked me what it means, what it stands for.  I thought Miss G was just being quirky.  But now I think it was meant to be.

Rainbows are a sign of love and peace and a promise.  At times in my life, I have wanted my life to be as perfect as a rainbow.  I did not want to weather any of the storms. With all that has happened in my life and the journey of discovery I am on - rainbow's metaphorically are squiggly.  Not perfect, a bit like roller-skating for the first time.  A bit of up and down.  

So as I blog, I want it to be authentic.  I want it to stand for what I stand for.  My thoughts and prayers.  My joys and tears.  My desires and dreams.  I want it to bless you.

Much Love Rach xx 

Friday, July 8, 2011

for the love of family

I am pondering  today's movements.  A trip to The Vintage Shed for a tidy and re-stock of the Squiggly Rainbow stall.

The children are loving being home and Master S has had his best friend visit from our old stomping ground.  I overheard the boys chatting about the move - which was music to my ears as Master S has been challenged with talking with friends since the move.

Mister DCT is planning and preparing for finishing off the kitchen and build the chicken coop area.  I am loving sewing and creating again.  

Thinking about our plans - it is great to be busy.  To spend time together.  But those times when we are flat out, for what reasons?  I stop to think about what matters most.

It is family.  It is love.  Without those - what are we?  What are you?

A friends mother left to live with Jesus last night.  Another Beckwith-Wiedemann family I know has their baby girl in hospital.  I think about the children from my school placement who are in childcare all school holidays.

For the love of family.  For the love of what matters.  I am loving being blessed.

Much Love Rach xx

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yarning along with Ginny @ Small Things

One of my new favorite blogs is very inspirational with my ways of parenting - I find myself looking forward to each new blog post written by Ginny.  It's  a bit like waiting to open a gift!

Joining in with Yarn Along, here is the finished skirt for Miss H.  I will be able to give it to her on the weekend and hope she may model it all for you to see.  It is ravelled here, however I did alter the pattern, so the skirt is more bell shaped, rather than flared.

My new book arrived in the mail yesterday.  I love learning about teaching, and this is a bit of a new dimension on my studies - together with supporting my Master S.  I don't really know where it is all leading - however it is indeed interesting reading!

I made my boys last night.  Their capes have a cross of Christ - I loved making these and the children just love them too.  So the three little figures are sitting on our nature table, with a silver sugar bowl filled with small pieces of paper.  The children write gratefulness words or prayers and pop them in a little basket on the table.  I love it.  My friend Tiffany over here has begun a gratefulness book with her son, I can't wait to see more on that!

We are enjoying the rainy Wintery day here, Master J is still in him pyjamas.  The cousins visited this morning and we enjoyed home baked spelt rolls with pumpkin soup.

Master S is cooking dinner tonight - so I'd best go and supervise!  I'm looking forward to settling in for the night and knitting another cowl!

Much Love Rach xo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

school holiday ideas

Thought it might be a good idea to share with you some of my ideas to keep my kidlets occupied these school holidays.  My children have 3 weeks off, which is a blessing and I am so thrilled to be enjoying them.  I think it is helping following that rhythm I spoke of yesterday.

There was an earth tremor here earlier in the day, the wind is gusting as I type to you.  My slippers are warming my feet and I have dried most of the washing today.

Here are our ideas for school holidays.

1.  Candle making

2.  Tried and True house cubbies with a sheet or blanket

3.  A lego building day to build as many of the sets we have as possible (with the help of some friends)

4.  Mosaic work - I am going to get some stepping stones (single square pavers) and pick up some tiles.  The children will be able to smash them with a hammer and use glue to adhere.  We will try the kids grouting them, but I may be doing that.

5.  Box construction turned sculpture making.  We are going to get some of this great stuff, and once the children have made their box construction, we will wrap the plaster bandages around the model.  Once dried, they will paint and maybe even seal them to become Garden ornaments!

6.  Woodworking.  We picked up a childrens tool set yesterday at Bunnings, it came with a saw, hammer etc.  Then we collected off cuts of wood from the timber yard.  Master S is ecstatic to have some tinkering time - So is Miss G actually.  The woodworking table I picked up for $5 at a garage sale a few weeks ago is perfect for them!

7.  Miss G is cooking dinner tonight.  Master S is going to continue to master cooking Taco's tomorrow night.   They will even do a spot of baking through the holidays.

8.  A sleep over at Grans and our Besties  (I will be in Korumburra over the weekend if anyone wants to have a cuppa).

9.  Propagate our seeds for the vegie garden and plant our seedlings we bought yesterday.   I have just ordered many varieties of seed from here, they are heirloom varieties and almost half the price of seeds from The Diggers Club.

That's all for now... I will update you with some more ideas as they flow!

What are you up to?  I would love to hear your creative or even non-creative school holiday plans!

Oh and here is my first ever Steiner/Waldorf inspired little lady I have ever made... it's a old fashioned Winterly outfitted Miss G with a snowflake on her apron.  Isn't it cute!

Much Love Rach xx


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