Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreams coming true

So many wonderful things happened today.  A midst spending a wonderful day with the children in the garden and it being yarn along day.

We put in our garage sale fish pond purchase from months ago... only to find it leaked, so lined it with plastic. The moss covered rocks around the yard were wonderful for laying around the edges.  Now to plant out foxgloves and birch trees.

Reading a favorite blog that made me think and pray and hope all day.  To read about one particular child that like so many others, has reached the age of 5 years old and has been transferred from an orphanage to a mental asylum for adults because she has special needs.  To read that this darling is without a home and now looks like a prisoner of war within a matter of weeks.  To read that her life is now confined to a cot, a shaved head, facing starvation and strong tranquilising drugs to reduce the amount of care she needs.  To think that our Australian adoption laws prevent many in this country from offering a home for a tortured child.  Leaves me feeling trivial.  This is Teri Lynn before she was institutionalised into the mental asylum just over 3 weeks ago, followed by the recent photo taken just days ago.  She is only five years old.


The Mr DCT and I had a squabble before embarking upon a gorgeous new discovery in a close-by town.  A gorgeous organic cafe.  As I sat in the car pondering why we at times speak unkind words to each other - I snapped where the rest of the family were sitting and waiting for me.  Knowing we are human, and we make mistakes - I still feel guilty when I think and pray for babes like this little girl.

The colour of this moss reminds me of the jumper ravelled here (not as to plan as I hoped with my first ever attempt at knitting in the round) I am knitting for Master J.  We were investigating moss closely today after building the fish pond.... it seemed to be everywhere we looked.

We loved this tree on the way to the library this afternoon. 

 So many great books, I have opened up one of the self-sufficiency books first, and am off to be now to read my first Tim Winton novel.  I had to get some on chickens for Master J and found just the one I had in mind.

Night, night.  Please pray for this darling girl who needs a family to care for her.  Tomorrow I will show you new stock headed for the Vintage Shed - a gorgeous book stand and some other delights!

Much Love Rach xx


  1. I posted on No Greater Joy Mom too!
    The depth of sorrow I felt reading the stories of these darling children is beyond words.
    I'm so glad the word is spreading though so that hopefully more families will be able to bring their children home.

    Your pond looks like it will be a wonderful wildlife haven. I love the rockery surrounding it.
    We also love rosies walk and the growing story:) Fina meaures herself almost everyday against the growing chart :)

  2. Sobering. I'm praying.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. oh my heart is heavy and saddened by the plight of Teri Lynn....Shaun is being a voice of reason and practicality in pointing out to me that no we cannot save the entire world of desperately in need children....that we are doing what we can in our small way and that is God's plan!!! I wish he could dream a little like me a bit more but no always the practical one!!! Sounds like your day in the garden was bliss, hope the chickies are doing well!! Hugs, TK xx

  4. So sad for that little girl. It is tragic. And yet so many desperate people wanting to adopt here. Thank you for shedding light on the subject.

  5. Truly sad about the little girl! Thanks for sharing it. Such beautiful pictures, especially love the moss covered tree.

  6. We serve an awesome God - prayer has power! So does sharing Terri-Lynne's story and advocating to the govt. Well done.



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