Thursday, July 21, 2011

fish, flowers, family & creating

So I mentioned I would show you the latest treasures heading to The Vintage Shed this weekend. I have been pre-occupied with study, placement and essays in the way of updating stock for the stall.  I am now back on a roll!

It has been so much fun creating and realising what I really love doing more than ever.  This book stand is my favorite at the moment... it looks great with vintage RED books too!

I love, love, love Dick Bruna and was ecstatic to come across these vintage prints.  I teamed them with simple white frames and they look just lovely.

I have been doing some more decoupage and decorated this plain planter with some Italian paper of vintage Italian postcards.  Quite quirky!

We popped some fish in the pond.  Then took some creative shots around the garden unveiling another colourful treasure I found budding.

Excuse the cobwebs!  The tops of the Camellia's out the front we can see from The Window.  So pretty - a vibrant red

I thought I would show you some nice aspects of the yard (the back yard is a disaster zone at the moment).

I can't wait to drop the treasures off to the stall - I am dreaming of some more quirky upcycled designs!

More creative inspiration is here.  If you missed yesterdays blog, it is here.  I was informed by the authorities today that there is no agreement between Australia and Russia.  The Australian government is now recognising that there may be perhaps a need to have an adoption agreement with Russia.  Oh, you think?  Over one million orphans.  Just a slight need.  Principalities and Powers people.  I am trying not to be raged.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Love your upcycled goodies...particularly love the book stand :)

    The little snippets of your yard are glorious.


  2. Oh I could do with one of those reading shelves too! Loving your handwork, the simple beauty in your garden and now off to inform myself about the orphans.

  3. You look like a busy lady. I love all your UPcycled creations especially the book stand so sweet and delightfully functional.

  4. I love the Bruna bunnies - they are rare as hen's teeth here - love what you did with them. Oh and your bedside table is inspired. Love it!

  5. Principalities and powers, yes. But God reigns supreme! And when His people pray... I'm still praying with you.

    I love, love your upcycles! I did a stall for 8 years, along with a yearly show. After that I was a picker for the couple that owned the mall. It was so much fun!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. That bedside table is simple but makes a statement - i love it:) Cyndy

  7. I love the crocheted afghan, it looks beautiful, have you made it?

  8. The decupage and the vintage prints are very cool! Where did you get the papers for the decupage? I have never seen anything like it. :)

  9. Ooh, yes, red and Dick Bruna... we clearly speak the same language :) So lovely.



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