Friday, July 8, 2011

for the love of family

I am pondering  today's movements.  A trip to The Vintage Shed for a tidy and re-stock of the Squiggly Rainbow stall.

The children are loving being home and Master S has had his best friend visit from our old stomping ground.  I overheard the boys chatting about the move - which was music to my ears as Master S has been challenged with talking with friends since the move.

Mister DCT is planning and preparing for finishing off the kitchen and build the chicken coop area.  I am loving sewing and creating again.  

Thinking about our plans - it is great to be busy.  To spend time together.  But those times when we are flat out, for what reasons?  I stop to think about what matters most.

It is family.  It is love.  Without those - what are we?  What are you?

A friends mother left to live with Jesus last night.  Another Beckwith-Wiedemann family I know has their baby girl in hospital.  I think about the children from my school placement who are in childcare all school holidays.

For the love of family.  For the love of what matters.  I am loving being blessed.

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Great post and very thoughtful - we do need to stop and think, count and celebrate our blessings yes?

  2. it sounds as if your recent placement has posed lots of valuable questions.....I too really feel for kids that spend their hols in vacation used to be my M but no more, no more. Family IS so so precious, hugs, TK xx

  3. Have to say, school holidays are my favourite, to have all my children home together again, i love it. Breaks my heart when mothers say "oh, school holidays, have to book them into care" & i think, no, it's all about family & being a housewife here, love it (we just started school holidays here in Canberra this afternoon & better yet, with my husband flying home!!) Love Posie

  4. Thought provoking and lovely at the same time!

  5. Looks like you've been up to great things lately!

    Lovely post.

    Hugs to you!



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