Saturday, July 16, 2011

have you got the knack?

Dr Seuss has a way with words - Master J just loves mastering tasks in his life.  He get's the knack.  We went rollerskating yesterday - Miss G's class had a holiday get-together.  Master S reclused and chose Daddy time instead.  Master J was determined to get the knack with rollerskating.  Miss G and her friends were so encouraging and helped him between the gaps in the wall.

Miss G loved the feeling of the wind through her hair - the best part of rollerskating I say.  She wore her flowing summer top she wanted last summer.

By the end of the three hours on the rink, Master J had the knack.  He could skate without holding the walls.

I was oh so happy for him.  Happy too that my camera is back in business.  How I missed snapping away.

We went away earlier in the week to my old home town, where I grew up.  I have spent the week knitting my first ever item in the round.  A fisherman's jumper for Master J.  I have not quite got the pattern as per instructions, but am improvising!

A friend's Mum's funeral reminded me of living life to the full.  I wonder what people reading my blog often think.  I am not good at small talk.  I am not good at refraining about sharing what is close to my heart.  Much of what matters to me doesn't seem important to many of this world.  I think about how I blog.  How I should write.  Do I skip the important stuff and become like so many others?

Today we were at our old stomping ground.  A visit to the supermarket before lunch with friends.  I received a tap, tap, tap on my driver's window and was delighted to have a kindergarten Mum track me down in the car-park.  She ran across the lot to see me, and told me she had been reading this blog.  She blessed my heart letting me know she can't wait to read each post.  I didn't really think I could impact or mean much to anyone.  

The truth is, I have a bit of bloggers block at the moment.  This blog started out being a journey of the Squiggly Rainbow stall and clothing label adventures.  It really has transitioned to being a bit of everything that Squiggly Rainbow is.  

Miss G named the clothing range label I make 'Squiggly Rainbow'.  Some have asked me what it means, what it stands for.  I thought Miss G was just being quirky.  But now I think it was meant to be.

Rainbows are a sign of love and peace and a promise.  At times in my life, I have wanted my life to be as perfect as a rainbow.  I did not want to weather any of the storms. With all that has happened in my life and the journey of discovery I am on - rainbow's metaphorically are squiggly.  Not perfect, a bit like roller-skating for the first time.  A bit of up and down.  

So as I blog, I want it to be authentic.  I want it to stand for what I stand for.  My thoughts and prayers.  My joys and tears.  My desires and dreams.  I want it to bless you.

Much Love Rach xx 


  1. Hello Rach (my name too, btw. Snap!) Sorry it has taken me some time to visit here - life has been el hectico. But so glad I finally made it over - I love your style and found those photos transporting. They have a total 70's vibe. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. x

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, hearing about what you think and feel, following in your journey. Blogging can rewarding in so many ways:) I think it's wonderful to see your boy trying so hard to master roller skating, it's not easy and it takes courage. Beautiful photos Rach. xo

  3. Wow Rach, tbose photos are really beautiful - the light, the quiet, little frozen moments which is the opposite of what I imagine it must have been like - roller rinks being all movement and noise. Just beautiful.

    And I relate to your words in this post too. I love your blog, and you're one of the loveliest bloggers around.

    xx Sarah

  4. Hey Rach,

    Did you get the email about the Student Engagement Day on 6th August, from Uni? Really, really worthwhile, if you're able to go. I've registered to attend, as that day is for new, 1st yr and 2nd year students.




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