Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey there Delilah

There are so many treasures beginning to bloom in my garden.  Part of moving to an existing home rather than building are all the surprises in the yard.  We have about 10 Camellia Trees, 8 Rhododendrons and many bulbs sprouting all over the place.  This is the first that has flowered, a gorgeous pale pink Camellia.  I don't know what the bulbs are going to be - it is feeling like someone has given me little gifts all through our yard.

A dream of mine came true yesterday.  We have our first chooklets.  Isa Browns were our preference for this first time chicken raising familiy.  I cannot wait until we extend our chicken family to different breeds of chickens!

They are just getting used to their bedroom this week, but will be free range in our yard during the day.  We hope to have eggs in about 3 weeks, they are only 13 weeks old.

Miss G named her girl Delilah, Master S named his girl Torchick (after a pokemon chicken character).

This is my Clementine, and Master J's girl named Milo was a little camera shy!

This coop was an ebay bargain of only $100, Mister DCT thought it would be easier than a full day project of sourcing materials and building one ourselves.  I would have liked a quaint looking rustic coop.  I am thinking we need some bunting around the edges and a paint job may be very impractical but would look cute!  Maybe I'll just paint the door!

Miss G snapped a perfectly peachy shot of me and my man - how happy can a girl be - she has chooklets!

Much Love Rach xxo


  1. Love when dreams come true :)
    Your chooks are beautiful and you scored well wtih their coop.


  2. So much to live and feel happy about at yours this evening. LOVE that picture of you and your boy, your new profile pic is super spunky and of course I love that you are so happy about your new feathered friends. Gorgeous stuff. xx

  3. Beautiful flowers Rach! See you at the shed soon xx



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