Friday, July 22, 2011

on my mind

Many of you have read my previous blog posts over the last few days.  I am in contact with a representative from the Australian government and various wonderful friends who share a similar feeling regarding our stringent adoption laws.

When I see pictures of darlings like Teri Lynn, and I can do nothing but pray for her.  I cannot open my home to her or the millions around the globe like her.  I feel powerless.

That is what is on my mind today.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. You have a heart of Gold Squiggly Rainbow! :)

  2. Visiting you from Rhonda's link up.

    Well - I don't think you're powerless. The fact that you're meeting with this representative means you're already undertaking action. Who knows where it may lead to, right?

    Bless you for your compassionate heart and generous spirit. There's plenty of love to go around in the world, I think! It's just a question of finding it in the right places :)

    This Good Life

  3. Australia's adoption laws *are* too stringent. I wish you luck in this!

  4. Hi sweet friend, I am PROUD of you for talking to your government, and praying your words are heard LOUDLY! Who knows how many children could be helped with your paving their way!

    You are an inspirations with your heart and actions.


  5. good on you for taking such affirmative action - that IS powerful!!! TK xx

  6. i just wanted to say good on you too Rach! you are definitely inspiring & have the most enormous heart ever!!
    big hugs to you ♥

  7. All children deserve good parents and I commend you for your effort! I hope these kids find the love I had as a child.

  8. You have a heart of gold Rach and are an inspiration to us all.




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