Saturday, July 2, 2011

one fine day

You know those days when all is blessed and sunny; the smell of a hint of Spring in the air?  Today was one of those.

I have been so excited to spend a day with my children as I have missed them so.  We headed out early this morning for my boys football.  They have developed some wonderful ball skills and Master S is even mixing in the huddle to get the ball.  His hand-flapping has slowed down as his confidence has grown during Auskick (Australian Rules football for littlies).

Today was also market day in my favorite little village.  Kallista is the name of the village - the lane ways are lined with old trees and the towns people gather to buy their organic foodstuffs, visit the quriky little stores and eat out in the little delicatessen which was one of my favorite cafe's until I found a new one today! 

We bought some organic beeswax for our school holiday project of candle making.  I am so excited.  Then we found these divine glass blown pendants by Alf's Leadlight (who obviously also makes jewellery) - I loved that amidst  the frivolity of market makers, we found The Light.  Love it. 

While the curtain company were installing our new blinds, we stopped off to our NEW favorite little cafe in Emerald.  I have been watching the cafe come to fruition with it's simple lines of interior design and was delighted to see some coffee sippers present three days ago as I drove to school.

The children loved the gorgeous little yellow stools to sit on.  The service was wonderful.  Bel and  Dougie are fabulous hosts and it was truly lovely sitting in this happy space.  The food is fresh, fair trade, organic where possible and delicious.  They are even using a worm farm for all the leftover scraps!  How ace is that!  The kidlets loved their chocolate milks and toast - and I had a lovely latte.

We arrived home to a mess, the curtain man still here with ripped brand new blinds and two miss-measured.  At least we have curtains on most windows now instead of blankets!

Master S and I planted our little dutch kipfler potatoes in their own patch.  How much joy we received from planting potatoes was priceless!  Then the father-in-law came for dinner which finished off a dream of a day.

Night night all.  Hope your day was great too

Much Love Rach xo


  1. what a truly lovely day, those candles look beautiful.....candles and dinner now that is a conversation you & I need to have some time, TK xx

  2. How nice! It really sounds like a dream of a day and you fully deserved it, after that hard week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :o)

  3. Thanks for telling us about your joyous day, it put a smile on my face. The last photo of the kids sitting in the café is fabulous!



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