Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have two days left of my placement at the lovely school in the little hills village town.  I have made new connections this week.  I have connected with the boys who do not engage with their teacher.  I have engaged with them today.

The stall is looking great at The Vintage Shed, albeit stocks being very low after a busy couple of weeks.  Time to get back to thrifting and creating once placement is finished.  One subject this semester will allow me to get back to motherhood, creating and gardening.  I can't wait.

I have enjoyed this week so much - I think it is because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  One of the biggest things I am learning during my teaching placement how vital our role is as a parent.  At times I have doubted my efforts and role as a mother.  I have wondered if my kids even care if I read them a story.  Do they care that I sit and draw with them?  Do they care that we garden together?  I no longer doubt these treasures.  Yes, treasures.

I realise more than ever, our time with our children is fundamental in their own learning.  I still read picture books to Miss G and Master S.  They are aged almost 12 and almost 10.  It is irreplaceable, the lessons learned, the knowledge communicated, the love shared.

What have you been reading to your kidlets this week?  Here are a few of what we have been reading....

The other books are out of print and I cannot find a picture for you, we have been enjoying some vintage children's literature too.

An update on Teri-Lynn, there is no news on a family for her - however the funds raised in the last week will cover most, if not all of the costs associated with rescuing her.

I received another email today from the lady representing the Victorian government's inter-country adoptions.  Currently, as it stands, there is not an active group in Australia pursuing changes to our inter-country adoption laws.  It has been assumed by the Australian government, according to my correspondence with this representative, that foreign countries are improving their care of orphans; hence the reduction of adoptions taking place by Australian families.  In the last two years, Australian inter-country adoptions have halved.  I may not be an official representative of adoption statistics, however my reading has shown that the number of orphans in this world surely indicates their is a need for rescuing innocent babes.  And our adoption rate has halved?  We have no group advocating for inter-country adoption law changes?  I will keep you updated on more information - I have one last group to contact to determine if they have information on current active groups lobbying in Australia.  Bare with me as I finish my teaching placement this week and I will let you know of further progress!

Much Love Rach xo

P.S. - don't forget to tell me what you are reading this week xo


  1. Oh my goodness, I think you have the prettiest chooken house I have ever seen! What lucky chookies you have.
    I love that you connected with those boys. I think school is hard for boys who want to be out being physical. We often talk about setting up something on our farm for boys to come and dig and climb and chop.
    I hope you enjoy the last few days of your placement. x

  2. oh Rach, this placement and the info you give the rest of us in blog land is proving to be oh so vital to me....you are giving me hope & clarity as I mudle along with this parenting caper, so often I feel totally inadequate, thankyou for this, TK xx (ps - news re Teri Lynn is good, I can't believe our inter country adoption policies have halved!!!)

  3. I had a very quick chat with Master S today. He tells me he loved spending time at home over the holidays ~ never underestimate how much your children value you as their mum Rach. They love you to pieces.

    I'm reading....
    "Love Amid the Ashes" by Mesu Andres (the story of Job).
    "The Dudgeon is Coming" by Lynley Dodd. Because there can never be too much children's poetry story books in the world!

  4. Hi Rach
    One of the big reasons why Aust. doesn't adopt from where there are the biggest needs- such as children with special needs is our immigration laws. Because of our medicare 'free' system every potential adoptee is looked out by the $$ it will cost the community. You can not adopt a child with down syndrome internationally, for example, currently in Australia. Immigration will simply not let them in. Many minor needs are challenged at that point - this happened when we adopted our little boy and his medical need is expected to never need special care. Few Australian adoption depts (diff. for each state) want to pursue special needs for various reasons - here in Tassie the dept. argue that they don't have the manpower (personpower?) to track the waiting lists. International adoption is also being discouraged because we have a shortfall in people willing and able to foster and we have need in our communities for people willing to do so. (Of course fostering and adopting are very different life choices. That another story!) International adoption is also expensive. Tasmania has just increased it's Tasmanian costs from about $2600 to $9000. This is not counting what you may pay to the country or orphanage you adopt from or travelling expenses. Fees to orphanages may include costs for living, medical, legal (to facilitate adoption) and social services incurred in processing the adoption.
    I'd like to see Australia more willing to take in those who have such disadvantage - such as special needs.
    It's great that you are willing to question these things.

  5. I'm still your cheerleader! And prayer warrior!!

    Blessings, Debbie



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