Monday, July 4, 2011


Many a school holiday period I have fumbled with having the children home and feeling overwhelmed.  Something has changed.  Maybe it was after being away from them.  We began our new daily rhythm today.  It's our new home rhythm.  They love order; even Miss G.

I drew up a timetable yesterday.  Each day we begin with a time to wake-up and relax (I have succumbed to the Black Monster and the kids are enjoying The Brady Bunch in the mornings).  Breakfast and daily jobs follow.  The children feel so content knowing what is expected of them.  Boundaries and expectations are set.  They know once we have finished the dishes, making our beds and a general tidy up - it's family time.

We drew up a list of things to do these holidays.  Each day has something written down.  Not all will cost money, if at all.  But plans are in place.  Today was a creating morning, as I had to finish my nieces birthday gifts (a pencil roll for her new Lyra pencils and a put together Squiggly Rainbow style picnic basket).  While Miss G and I sewed, the boys made a teddy cubby and spent a good amount of time play fighting and rough housing.

Tomorrow is a school holiday program at a nearby church for a few hours, followed by a cuppa with friends.  Wednesday is our candle making day with our newly purchased organic beeswax.  Thursday is Lego building day, we have a few kidlets visiting to construct as many of Master S' sets as possible.  Friday we are off to have a sleep over at Granny's!

We have set a rhythm.  I hope I can continue it.

How about you?  Do you do something similar?  Do you have a daily rhythm?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Sounds perfect Rach. Rhythm and harmony. I adore the picnic basket full of felt goodies - what a lucky little girl! Enjoy your holidays- all of you!

  2. What a lovely rhythm you have happening.
    We have to have a set time for things around here. James does not cope with change well. He's very particular about meal times and if his meal times aren't the same as the school breaks we all know about it! Lol all this time we have been tiptoeing around him being very careful not to change his routine and turns out that is the best thing to do for him ;-)

  3. Jap, I like rhythm. I realise at work again and again that even 'normal' (^^) kids like to know what to expect and what is expeccted from them. It makes life in a class so much easier, so I believe you in a second if you say it helps in a family, too. I set rhythms whenever possible for myself, too. They help with productivity ;o)

  4. Lovely crafts, I am dying for a picnic basket like this one, it is just TOO cool!

  5. Ahhhh, I thought of this when you mentioned last holidays, that Master S was struggling with the length of time. You're right...your boys would just need to know what is on for the day and what is expected of them. I am certain that these holidays will be a vast improvement for your family.


  6. That food looks delicious- such a feast!



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